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Greek Sailing Special

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This trip is special in more ways than one. Yeah, sure, it's a one-off, limited edition, once-in-a-lifetime-and-never-to-be-repeated Topdeck Greek sailing extravaganza. But it's also filled to the brim with endless sun, sand, sea, history, culture, food... all of the WOW. Wanna swim in bluer-than-blue waters? Soak up some Mediterranean sunbeams? Embrace an authentic slice of local island life? Of course you bloody do, why wouldn't you? So. Come join us for 9 of the most unforgettable, action-packed, soul-affirming days of your life - and give your sense of adventure a much-needed workout.


Bucket List Inclusions

Walking tour of Athens

Sail the beautiful Ionian Islands

Orientation tours of each overnight stop

More Inclusions

8 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 dinners

-3 nights in hotels (twin-share), 5 nights in an en-suite, air-conditioned cabin (twin-share)


-Private coach

-Motorised boat

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 17:00 in Athens

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Athens

Athens, Greece WELCOME to a sun-drenched, gyros-stuffed place where ancient ruins, layers of history and world-famous mythology go hand in hand with a kind of grungy coolness you wouldn't expect. This. Is. Athens. (And. It's. Unbelievable.) Touch down, get a feel for the city, then come meet us at our welcome dinner. Ready for a one-of-a-kind Greek sailing adventure? Damn straight you are. This is gonna be a trip to remember.

Yep, Athens is a big ol' maze of a place. But DW - you've got us to show you around. After brekkie it's time to get versed in allllll the historic, ancient, spine-tingling landmarks the city has to offer. Fill your head with thousands of years' worth of local knowledge, then go find your own legendary Athenian hang-outs. OR. Take a day trip to Cape Sounion. FYI, the Temple of Poseidon is the most beautiful place you didn't know you wanted to see. Bonus: homemade Greek food + a quick dip in the ocean = the ultimate way to spend an afternoon.

ROAD TRIP. Make sure you set an alarm (or ten) this morning, 'cause we're off to Nydri to meet our floating home for the next five nights. Whisper it- it's boat time. Get pumped for deck-lounging, swim stops, the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. And floaties. LOTS of floaties. Trust us - this is 100% the best way to see all the rocky coastlines, quaint seaside towns and tucked-away beaches that make Greece so special. Remember work, uni, the daily grind? Nah, didn't think so.

Sack off the lie-in. It's always SO much easier waking up in the morning when you've got this kind of scenery waiting for you outside, amirite? In no particular order, we will be checking out the following heart-stealing places over the next few days: Ithaca. Kefalonia. Meganisi and Vassiliki Bay. Best get Googling, 'cause you're gonna want to hit the ground running when we drop anchor. Oh yeah! There's a Captain's Night aboard the boat to get involved with too, if you're interested. AND a visit to Melissani Cave (one word: magical).

Another day, another beautiful Ionian Island to discover. Where's it gonna be today?

Yep, you guessed it - more blue waters, snorkelling ops, deck-based chillout sessions and drop-dead gorgeous island discoveries are on today's agenda. If only life could always be like this...

Okay, so this is our last full day of sailing. Our advice? MAKE IT COUNT. Dive in, go exploring, try the food... do it ALL while you still can.

Shoot one last longing look at the boat - we're heading back to Athens today for another round of city slicking, myth-busting and delicious wraps (souvlaki, we meet again). We've got a farewell dinner planned later on this evening - just, you know, to help you make maximum final-night memories.

We hate to say it, but it's time to go home. Not ready to tear yourself away? Feel free to stick around and do your own thing. We can't guarantee it'll be the same without us, though...

-Day trip to Cape Sounion and Attica: from €50 (lunch included)

-Captain's Night aboard the boat: from €18

-Visit Melissani Cave (weather permitting): from €39

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