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March on Rome

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This trip may be shorter than some, but you can rest assured that it packs awe-inspiring experiences by the bucketload! On this winter adventure through France, Switzerland and Italy you'll stroll through Paris without the summer crowds, challenge your fellow Topdeckers to a snowball fight in the Swiss Alps and explore artsy Florence and historic Rome at their quietest. Are you ready for this?

Bucket List Inclusions

Driving tour of Paris

Visit Pisa and see the famous Leaning Tower

Local guide in Florence

Visit Orvieto

Walking tour of Rome

More Inclusions

8 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 4 dinners

-4 nights in hostels, 4 nights in bungalows


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 06:00 in London

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Rome

Leave London for dust – today we’ll be jumping over the English Channel to France for a beauty smackdown. Brush up on your bonjours, then wrap your lips around your first real French meal at our included dinner. We’ll even drive you around to see the city all lit up on a driving tour. Prepare to see the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe looking all twinkly!

You’ve got a free day in Paris, so make sure you get your fill of pastries, paintings and the Pompidou Centre. Bike along the Seine on an optional tour or just stroll around and drink it in. Check out L'Éclair de Génie in le Marais (don't ask questions), get your obligatory Eiffel Tower #selfie then explore the world's largest grave at the Catacombs. Tonight, you have the option to experience the razzle dazzle of a cabaret show or hop on a boat down the river and crank the romance dial to 11.

The vistas out your window today will be gorgeous! Unlike the Toblerone box, the Swiss Alps aren't all lined up perfectly, so we’ll weave up through the breathtaking valleys and peaks to reach our destination.

Today, why not hop aboard the optional train excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe')? The view is so beautiful it’ll probably make you cry (seriously). Want more adventure? Up the adrenaline and opt in to skydive out of a helicopter, then head back down to earth for some snow angels and hot chocolate.

If you're going to make something wrong, it better be good looking – and failures don't come any more beautiful than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Snap a photo (you know the one), then get ready to roll into the land of Tuscan cuisine and birthplace of gelato: Florence.

Wakey wakey! Florence is ready and waiting. There’s a guided walking tour of the city's greats to get stuck into this morning. Think: the Ponte Vecchio, Florence Cathedral and that famous naked guy, David.

Ready for a rendezvous with ancient architecture's biggest players? On today’s epic walking tour, we’ll pass by the Pantheon, check out the Trevi Fountain and sit on the Spanish Steps. Oh – and did we mention the Colosseum? Tonight, you're in Disneyland for foodies. Have fun.

Awesome! You’ve got a free day in the city of Vespas, espresso, two-cheek kisses and pizza the way it's supposed to taste. Play ‘I spy’ with two-and-a-half millennia worth of history, shop ‘til you drop on Via Condotti, head to Capitoline Hill for incredible views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum or just kick back in Piazza Navona for some dolce far niente (delicious idleness).

Make it an espresso doppio this morning – you're on your own from here. Why not stay a bit longer and get to know this ancient powerhouse a little better?

-Traditional cabaret show in Paris: from €65

-Seine river cruise: from €10

-Bike tour of Paris: from €30

-Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from 168.80 CHF

-Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from 390 CHF (plus 50 CHF deposit)

-Helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps: from 195 CHF (plus 20 CHF deposit)

-Tickets for the Schilthorn cable car: from 73.50 CHF

-Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

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