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Bucket List Inclusions

Walking tour of Munich

Join the Oktoberfest celebrations

7 nights sailing in Croatia

More Inclusions

  • 16 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 2 dinners
  • 7 nights in an en-suite cabin (twin or double) on a motorised boat, 9 nights in hotels (twin or double)
  • Guided tours of all major cities
  • Local qualified captain and crew
  • Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi
  • Awesome Trip Leader and Driver

Group Size

Maximum 24


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi, including power points for charging electronics.

Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet at 11am in Split

Finish time:
Approximately 10am in Munich

Swap some cash for kuna, put your bags on your bunk and hit the big blue. When we dock at sleepy fishing village Milna, you can choose to chow down on an optional barbecue feast or hang out on deck. You'll all be shipmates in no time.


Optional activities:
-BBQ dinner onboard
Anchors up and motor on this morning, with a few swim stops en route. First stop: Hvar, the self-proclaimed ‘sunniest spot in Europe’ with a supposed 2,715 hours of sunlight in an average year. Lather up the sunscreen – ain’t nobody got time for burn when we have an afternoon at Hula Hula beach bar to get involved with.

Included today:
-Visit Hvar Fortress (entrance not included)
-Night out in Hvar

Did you pack your sense of adventure? Good. We’re moving on to Korcula, where we’ll be hitting the cobblestone alleys on a walking tour. Later on, there’s plenty of time to climb your way to the top of an old-school cathedral tower to savour a colourful cocktail. Take note: the ladder to the top of Massimo’s cocktail bar is seriously steep, so watch your head! Anyone for an optional village dinner experience afterwards?

Included today:
-Walking tour of Korcula Old Town


Optional activities:
-Village dinner experience
First today: Dubrovnik. Beyoncé and Jay-Z fell crazy in love with it, and if you’re into Game of Thrones you're sure to find your inner fanboy on an optional tour. Why not soak up Dubrovnik’s unique vibes with a stroll along the top of the 1,940 metre long city walls? Some optional sea kayaking around the city walls will put the cherry on the cake today.


Optional activities:
-Sea kayaking around the ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik
-Game of Thrones tour
If you had 99 problems, Dubrovnik probably took care of a few. Today it’s on to Mljet, which, despite its lack of vowels, is pretty spesh. Opt in to pay a visit to the National Park (and the chance to see St Mary’s Island). This afternoon is on your watch, so feel free to spend it as you wish. Tonight, there’s an optional captain’s dinner aboard the boat to get stuck into.


Optional activities:
-Visit Mljet National Park
-Captain’s dinner onboard
Time to trim the sails again and set course for the Makarska Riviera, one of the best unsung holiday spots in Europe. Today’s all yours to stroll the pretty promenade, indulge in some adventurous activities (think hiking and biking), or simply lounge about on the pebbly beach. You do you.

Seize the chance to zipline across the Cetina Gorge (optional) before we set sail back to Split for the ultimate vacay finale. Yes, it's a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, and yes, it has an abundance of Roman architecture, so don’t just sit there. Get exploring! You won’t want to miss Diocletian’s Palace – it’s one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the world. Plus, if it’s good enough for an emperor, odds are you’ll rate it too.


Optional activities:
Hear the sounds of the sea? The Sea Organ is a quirky art installation that sits among Zadar's eclectic mix of Roman ruins and public art. Don’t forget to check it out!

Ahhh yeah – you’ve got two whole days to do Zagreb your way! Partial to a bit of architecture, food, culture and music? Good news! Zagreb is too. We reckon you’ll get on great.

Want more today? Check out St Mark’s Church, Zagreb Cathedral and the markets. Not bad hey?

Onwards to Ljubljana (lyoob-lya-nah). Ljubljana Castle and Old Town have been waiting for you to visit since Celtic times. The nightlife here is also pretty special. Anyone for vino with a side of live music and underground art installations?

Want more? Dragon Bridge and the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas are worth a visit. Want more? Ask your Trip Leader for some insider info.

Go for baroque as you take a wander around the fairytale city where Mozart was born. Hold up – is that a fortress overlooking the city?

Welcome to the city where beer is officially considered a food. Check off the sights on a walking tour, then slide on your lederhosen and get ready for three unforgettable nights at the jolliest festival around: Oktoberfest. You'll be table dancing in no time.

Included Activity:
-Walking tour of Munich

Today, we see what all the hype is about. You won't be disappointed. Complete with rides, food stalls and of course beer, you know you’ve made it to Oktoberfest.

Today is yours to do as you please. Go exploring and set foot in the beer halls you may have missed yesterday (there are loads more than just Hofbräuhaus). The city centre is also pretty close, so feel free to go exploring there too.

After breakfast we say bye to Oktoberfest for another year. But hey, why not head out for one final drink?


We use a fleet of Traditional Ensuite, Traditional Ensuite Plus, Premium and Premium Superior boats during the summer, all of which have en-suite cabins. Boats range in size from 25 to 40 metres, and can comfortably carry/sleep up to 36 people.

Though the boats are rigged for sailing, all possess diesel engines of varying horsepower. As such, this is not strictly a 'sailing' trip – but an awesome nautical adventure all the same!

The cabins can be either on deck or below deck, and are generally small as there is limited space on the boat – so please pack light.

If you are a solo traveller, you’ll share a twin room with someone of the same sex.

All of our Croatia boat trips include daily buffet breakfasts and three-course lunches, except breakfast on the first day of your trip and lunch on the last day of your trip.

Each boat has a local chef, who’ll serve up fresh local flavours each day. If you have any dietary requirements, your chef will make every effort to cater to your specific needs – as long as you advise your travel agent (or the Topdeck reservations team) in advance.

Your boat:

Leonardo (Premium)

Get excited to sail on the Leonardo, a family operated boat known for its unique hand-built design. This premium quality boat is sure to make you feel right at home as you take to the seas and explore the amazing Croatian islands like a pro. Oh – and did we mention there’s a spa on board?


On Premium boats you will experience a few more creature comforts with air-conditioned cabins, hot buffet breakfasts and afternoon tea and coffee. On these boats, there is also plenty of deck space for lounging.

Boat Crew

The boat crew consists of a captain, one or two deckhands, a bartender and a chef to whom will be on hand to ensure your trip is the highlight of your experience in Croatia.

The captain is solely responsible for the boat while at sea and it is therefore important that you heed the captain’s advice at all times for your own safety.

All of our captains are local to the area and have been sailing the Croatian coastline for many years – so you can rest assured you’re in capable hands!

Evening meals are not included, giving you plenty of free time to discover the local cuisine on offer in each destination. Due to this our guides have a range of recommendations for you and your new Topdeck family to try out in each city.

Keep in mind that some restaurants can be very busy during the peak season and getting space for a large group can be difficult, so menus and prices can vary. There’s no pressure for you to dine at the restaurants suggested if you’d prefer to do your own thing, so be sure to ask your guide for other recommendations.



Bringing food and drinks on board is not permitted. All drinks are sold on the boat at reasonable prices.

To avoid the hassle of having to worry about always needing cash to purchase drinks on board, we run a bar tab for every passenger. Your tabs are tallied up and made available to you each day so that it is never a surprise as to how much you have bought. All bar tabs are to be paid in cash on the second last day of your trip.

Please note: At Topdeck we always consider our customers’ health and safety. We ask that you drink responsibly and bear in mind that in some countries, alcohol measures can be considerably larger than what you may be used to. Consider your limits – and remember that Croatia is a beautiful country, which is hard to see while feeling ill!

Our travel app has landed! With a range of awesome features including a Currency Converter, Budget Tracker, Check-In tool and Social Timeline you can plan your trip like a pro. Think of it like your very own Topdeck Trip Leader, always on call with the latest info, weather, maps and city guides to give you the trip of a lifetime, all in the palm of your hand.

Please note: The Topdeck Travel App should only be downloaded once you have booked onto your trip. You will not be able to log in unless you have a Topdeck Booking Reference Number.

Get it for iPhone

Get it for Android

Nights out

One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing the nightlife and entertainment each city has to offer. However, amidst the fun and excitement, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and personal safety as well. Before you hit the water with us, be sure to familiarise yourself with the following safety information.

When you’re on a night out, remember to avoid walking alone, particularly through deserted areas like beaches and back streets. Always stick together, take a registered taxi where possible, and keep a note of where your boat is docked so you can find your way back to your fellow Topdeckers if you become separated. It’s also a good idea to get your Topdeck trip mates’ mobile numbers in case you need to get hold of them while out and about.

In some countries, alcoholic measures can be considerably larger than what you may be used to. Try to keep track of what you’re drinking, and if you see one of your trip mates looking a little worse for wear, take them back to the boat. Never leave your drink unattended.

It’s also important to be aware that what you might consider harmless flirting may be interpreted differently in some countries. Be yourself and have fun, but stay savvy – you don’t want to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.


Respecting fellow passengers

Here at Topdeck, we’re all about inclusivity. We want to make sure that everyone has a great time on our trips, and that everyone feels like they’re part of one happy Topdeck family.

What we’re not about is excluding people or making them feel like they don’t belong – that’s just not what families do. That’s why we always encourage Topdeckers to be kind and courteous to their fellow passengers. The golden rules? Always remember to respect each other’s space, be mindful of causing excessive noise in shared accommodation and treat others how you’d wish to be treated yourself. Easy!


Drug use

Topdeck has a strict zero tolerance drug policy. Passengers should not bring any illegal substances onto the Topdeck boat or into any of the accommodation we stay in on our trips. All instances of drug possession will be reported to Topdeck Head Office, who may consider alerting the relevant authorities.


Mental health and wellbeing

Culture shock, homesickness, random periods of feeling down – these things happen and are totally normal. You can rest assured that if you’re feeling low, your Topdeck crew will do their utmost to cheer you up again.

Measures you can take to look after your mental health and wellbeing while on the road with us are:

  • Call home. Sometimes it’s nice to hear a familiar voice and have a good old-fashioned catch up with your loved ones
  • Eat well. Never underestimate the power of a good, wholesome meal. Nobody feels at their best when they’re hungry!
  • Drink responsibly. Not only will you swerve the dreaded hangover, but by keeping an eye on what you drink, you could also avoid getting into any potentially uncomfortable situations
  • Talk to your Trip Leader. Don’t forget, they’re probably far from home, too – so they’re sure to know of some tried-and-tested ways to beat the blues.
  • Integrate with your fellow Topdeckers. This one is key! The more fun you’re having on your trip, the less likely you are to feel homesick (trust us).

How to be a responsible traveller

Responsible travel isn’t difficult to achieve. With a little conscious thought and preparation, you can have an awesome holiday AND have a positive impact on the places you visit. Sweet!

Here are five things you can do to ensure you’re travelling responsibly:

  • Conserve water. You know the drill – reuse your towels, take short showers and remember to turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth!
  • Reduce your waste. Ditch the plastic bag, refuse unnecessary packaging, dispose of your waste responsibly and recycle as much as possible.
  • Go local. Hunt down locally owned and operated restaurants and bars, shop in local markets and book tours and activities run by local guides.
  • Consider the wildlife. Avoid any attractions that involve performing animals, animal rides or closely engaging with wild animals.
  • Respect local people and culture. Obeying local laws is a given – but also remember to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the community. Be polite and keep an open mind!

To help you budget for some of the additional costs and to avoid any surprises, we have put together a list of some common expenses to consider. Remember, this is a rough figure only and spending will vary between individuals according to their budget and habits.

Common Expenses

Average Cost

Bar prices

Beer: 25 kuna

Shot: 20 kuna

Mixed drink: 35 kuna

Soft drink: 10 kuna

Optional dinners

75-125 kuna


Crew: €10 pp

Restaurants/bars: 10% of bill total

Local activities and sites

80-400 kuna per site/activity

Transfers to and from airport

Taxis: 200-400 kuna

Buses: from 40 kuna


Please Note: While we make every effort to keep these prices as accurate as possible, they are subject to change.

Before your trip departs, it’s compulsory for all passengers to take out comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, medical expenses (including repatriation), loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, money and personal liability.

World Nomads provides comprehensive travel insurance for people from over 140 countries. For more information, visit

You must show your insurance policy to your Topdeck rep at check-in so that they can make a record of your details. Key details are the name of the insurance company, the 24hr emergency telephone number and your policy number. You cannot board the boat without these details.

Please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the last day of your trip. Some countries will refuse entry if you do not have at least six months validity remaining on your passport after your departure date. Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to enter certain countries.

It is your responsibility to obtain visas prior to your trip departure. To determine which visas you’ll need, you can consult either your own government’s website or the government websites of the countries in which you will be travelling. We also have a chart on our website listing the visas required for some nationalities travelling on our trips. To check it, visit

Please note: some visas can take up to six weeks to acquire, so don’t leave it until the last minute. Also, bear in mind that the validity of a visa often runs from its date of issue rather than the date of entry into the country. Please check with the appropriate embassy/embassies prior to departure, as requirements do change periodically.

We want to make sure you’re having the time of your life while travelling with us. Therefore, if you suffer from any medical conditions or allergies, you will need to let us know – either at the time of booking your trip, or at least six weeks prior to your trip departure date.


If you require regular medication, you must ensure that you have a sufficient supply before your trip departs, as it may be difficult to obtain it while travelling. Topdeck reps are unable to administer any medication, and there are no guarantees that there will be anyone with first aid training on board – so you will also need to ensure that you can administer your own medication.



There are currently no compulsory vaccinations required for any of the countries this trip visits. However, please confirm this with your GP or health professional before you leave as conditions can change.


While on board the boat, we request that you do not flush anything ‘inorganic’ down the toilet other than paper. It only takes one small unflushable item to block the system and create an unpleasant environment for everyone on board!

Unflushable items include, but are not limited to, the following: paper towels, baby wipes/wet wipes, cotton balls and feminine products. Long story short, if it’s not toilet paper, then it shouldn't go down the toilet!


Boat showers

Every boat has hot water available, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to freshen up with a nice hot shower after spending your day swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Hot water supplies on board are limited, so please use it sparingly when washing and showering to ensure there’s plenty to go around for everyone.



In Croatia, standard European two-prong plugs are used (CEE7/16).

Please note: There will be electricity when the engine is running so this is the best time to charge your electronic devices! A generator may be available overnight but this is not guaranteed.



The currency in Croatia is the Croatian kuna (HRK). Some places will accept the euro (€).

ATMs/cash points are available all over Croatia. All major credit cards are accepted in Croatia, however some smaller shops and restaurants may only accept cash so be sure to have some handy.


Please note: The optional activities and bar tabs can only be paid in cash.

The golden rule is to travel as light as you can, only bring what you really need and leave plenty of space for things you might want to buy. Your cabin will be far more pleasant without large suitcases taking up precious space!

The following is a suggested clothing list only:

  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • 1 pair of smart casual shoes
  • 1 pair of thongs/jandals/flip-flops
  • 2 pairs jeans/trousers
  • 2 pairs shorts/skirts
  • 4 shirts/T-shirts
  • 1 sweaters/jumpers
  • Swimming costume
  • Smart casual evening wear
  • 1 rainproof jacket
  • Underwear and socks
  • Towel (you will be provided with a towel for showering, but not for swimming)
  • Toiletries
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin, sea sickness tablets etc)
  • Insect repellent
  • Conversion plug

Please note: some religious sites (such as cathedrals and mosques) require clothing that covers the knees, chest and shoulders.

  • Passport (with visas if required!)
  • Airline tickets (where applicable)
  • Insurance policy (you must bring these details with you)
  • Camera; batteries; chargers; conversion plug
  • Download the app and complete your profile

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