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Winter Spirit

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Looking for an epic tour of Europe in all its wintry glory? You've come to the right place! Join us and get ready to uncover the spirit of a continent that's famous for its seasonal splendour. Check out the bucket list-worthy sights (minus the summer crowds) and make memories to last a lifetime in iconic cities like Paris, Rome, Venice, Budapest, Vienna, Kraków, Berlin and Amsterdam (just to name a few). Go on, wrap yourself in your favourite scarf and feel the winter spirit. You won't regret it!

Bucket List Inclusions

Driving tour of Paris

Visit Pisa and see the famous Leaning Tower

Local guide in Florence

Visit Orvieto

Walking tour of Rome

Orientation tour of Verona

Walking tour of Venice

Vaporetto ride in Venice

Walking tour of Salzburg

Driving tour of Vienna

Walking tour of Bratislava

Driving tour of Budapest

Walking tour of Kraków

Visit former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau

Walking tour of Prague

Orientation tour of the restored city of Dresden

Driving tour of Berlin

Orientation tour of Amsterdam

Canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam

More Inclusions

23 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 9 dinners

-19 nights in hostels, 4 nights in bungalows at European campsites


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 06:00 in London

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Amsterdam

Leave London for dust – today we’ll be jumping over the English Channel to France for a beauty smackdown. Brush up on your bonjours, then wrap your lips around your first real French meal at our included dinner. We’ll even drive you around to see the city all lit up on a driving tour. Prepare to see the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe looking all twinkly!

You’ve got a free day in Paris, so make sure you get your fill of pastries, paintings and the Pompidou Centre. Bike along the Seine on an optional tour or just stroll around and drink it in. Check out L'Éclair de Génie in le Marais (don't ask questions), get your obligatory Eiffel Tower #selfie then explore the world's largest grave at the Catacombs. Tonight, you have the option to experience the razzle dazzle of a cabaret show or hop on a boat down the river and crank the romance dial to 11.

The vistas out your window today will be gorgeous! Unlike the Toblerone box, the Swiss Alps aren't all lined up perfectly, so we’ll weave up through the breathtaking valleys and peaks to reach our destination.

Today, why not hop aboard the optional train excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe')? The view is so beautiful it’ll probably make you cry (seriously). Want more adventure? Up the adrenaline and opt in to skydive out of a helicopter, then head back down to earth for some snow angels and hot chocolate.

If you're going to make something wrong, it better be good looking – and failures don't come any more beautiful than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Snap a photo (you know the one), then get ready to roll into the land of Tuscan cuisine and birthplace of gelato: Florence.

Wakey wakey! Florence is ready and waiting. There’s a guided walking tour of the city's greats to get stuck into this morning. Think: the Ponte Vecchio, Florence Cathedral and that famous naked guy, David.

Ready for a rendezvous with ancient architecture's biggest players? On today’s epic walking tour, we’ll pass by the Pantheon, check out the Trevi Fountain and sit on the Spanish Steps. Oh - and did we mention the Colosseum? Tonight, you're in Disneyland for foodies. Have fun.

Awesome! You’ve got a free day in the city of Vespas, espresso, two-cheek kisses and pizza the way it's supposed to taste. Play ‘I spy’ with two-and-a-half millennia worth of history, shop ‘til you drop on Via Condotti, head to Capitoline Hill for incredible views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum or just kick back in Piazza Navona for some dolce far niente (delicious idleness).

Snap a selfie at Juliet’s famous balcony in Verona and join the throngs of lovers leaving notes on the wall – or, avoid the crowds and wander off for a look at the ancient arena. Then: say ciao to Venice from across the lagoon as we check into our hotel and tuck into a yummy dinner together.

First today, we’ll get to know the floating city a little better on a walking tour. 100+ slowly sinking islands won't explore themselves, now, will they? Later, there’s a classic gondola ride (optional) to get excited about (corny smooching not included). New profile pic alert!

Introducing old-world charm at its best. Salzburg looks like something straight out of a fairytale and should totally be up there on your Europe bucket list (trust us). First things first: we’ll hit the streets on a walking tour. There’s loads to see here, so hop to it!

If adventure is your middle name, good news! You can opt in to spend the day shredding in the Alps. If you're down for something a bit more chilled out, stay put in Salzburg and check out some more of the city's historic sights.

Today we’ll roll into Vienna, where a driving tour awaits. Top off your day with a schnitzel and apple strudel at Café Central, where the likes of Freud, Trotsky and Lenin used to hang out. And later? Pay an optional visit to the Sound of Vienna Orchestra and come over all sophis.

First up today: a pit stop in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city. Quick challenge – while checking out Bratislava Castle, see if you can spot the quirky bronze statues in the Old Town. Later today, we’ll hit Budapest and swing by Heroes' Square, Parliament House, Buda Castle and Andrássy Avenue on a driving tour.

Free day! Indulge in a spa treatment at the world-famous Gellért Baths, or visit Buda Castle or the House of Terror Museum. Tonight, hang with the hipsters and drink local fruit brandy at one of the original ruin bars. Later, opt in for a dinner cruise on the river for some epic sightseeing and selfie sessions.

Legend has it a dragon had to be slain in order for Kraków to be built. Bit tougher than the usual council approvals, no? Today we’ll meet Poland's beating heart – and the largest medieval town square in Europe – on a walking tour. Buff up on history at Wawel Castle, feed the ducks on the banks of the Wisla, then try a few glasses of mead after dinner.

Explore Kraków today and let the statement ‘Whoever saves one life saves the world entire’ really sink in at Oskar Schindler's factory. Alternatively, you could go 327 metres underground to see hundreds of shades of rock salt in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, visit a centuries-old synagogue in the Jewish district OR shop for amber in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cloth Hall. Your day, your choice!

First today, we’ll pay a sobering visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp for a lesson in the resilience of humanity. Then, fuel up on trdelník (pastry deliciousness) before we meet Prague on a walking tour. In this beautiful city, you can check out the largest ancient castle in the world, cross the medieval Charles Bridge and watch 'Death' toll the hour on an astronomical clock that's over 600 years old. After dinner, get cosy in a café with a hot chocolate.

You’ve got a free day! What’s it gonna be? Seek out the John Lennon wall and grab yourself a new cover photo, soak up some Czech history at the National or Communist Museum, or get a taste of the quirky local culture at a puppet opera (you gotta see it to believe it). Don’t forget to eat roast pork from one of the street vendors lining Old Town Square - and, obviously, drink some beer. Really. Good. Beer.

After getting acquainted with 800-year-old Dresden (a city virtually destroyed in WWII, then rebuilt), we’ll move on to Berlin. When we get there, we'll drive you around to see the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building - just to name a few.

Join today’s optional Third Reich walking tour for an insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule during WWII, go on a museum crawl or head to the zoo. More culture awaits on Museum Island, with creative types and memorable meals available in the Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg neighbourhoods. Did you know? Berlin’s clubs don’t have a curfew. Get ready for a night to remember!

DAM, it's going to be a good day! Start dreaming of cheese, tulips, bikes and clogs as we make tracks to Amsterdam. How will we get to know the city? You guessed it - we'll head out on a classic orientation tour to get us started. Then: the Dam Square, Royal Palace and National Monument are waiting!

Do as the locals do and hop on an optional bike tour before filling up on hot chocolate, poffertjes and stroopwafels. Then: why not take on the city's 51 museums? The Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House are must-dos (but you’ll need to make sure you book in advance!). Still thirsty for more? We’ll round off the last day of our trip with a super emosh dinner cruise on the canal. Don’t cry!

Today it's all aboard the ferry as we journey back to London. Start planning the next adventure! Facebook friends?

Get ready to leave the routine behind and uncover extraordinary. We'll hit the road early and drive across the English Channel. Use the ride to brush up on your bonjours and s’il vous plaîts – and get to know your awesome AF trip mates. This is what it’s all about! The home of Coco Chanel, the Mona Lisa and world’s yummiest macarons – Paris has earnt its rep as the European capital for all things fashion, culture and drool-worthy food. Tick off all the showstoppers on a driving tour before wrapping your lips around a REAL French meal at tonight’s included dinner. Thank us later.

Yep, you’re finally here – make the most of it! Get your fill of warm pastries at your Trip Leader’s recommended spot. Catch a glimpse of Mona with a visit to the Louvre (top tip: get your tix in advance!) Snap a pic of the Arc de Triomphe. Spend some of your hard-earned along the Champs Elysées. Or head out solo to explore the hidden back-streets and charismatic local cafés. Feeling the chill? Warm up those legs on an optional bike tour. There’s even an optional river cruise down the Seine to jump on. Tonight, dress to impress for the cabaret. You’re in Paris after all. Or head up the Montparnasse observation tower to see why they call this place the City of Lights.

Banging tunes and scenic views – we’ll be trading in Parisian streets for snowy peaks as we head to the mountains. Unlike the Toblerone box, the Swiss Alps aren't all lined up perfectly, so it’s gonna be a bit of a drive. BUT you’ll be too busy squishing your face against the window to notice. Home to the ‘Top of Europe’, 72 waterfalls and one of the largest nature conservations in Switzerland – tonight we're bunking down in the inCREDIBLE Jungfrau region. After dinner, sit back in the crisp (note: freezing) Alpine air with a mug of creamy hot chocolate. This is what we came for.

If the Swiss Alps had a Tinder bio it would read: fun-filled outdoor enthusiast – looking for a fellow adrenalin junkie to share adventures with. Swiping right? Heck yes! Hop aboard the Jungfraubahn railway for an optional visit to the ‘Top of Europe’. Make like Arnie, and get to the chopper for all the picture-perfect views. Or for the more adventurous (read: crazy) – why not throw yourself out of a plane at 14,000 ft? Fun. Tonight, head back down to earth for an included dinner with the gang – then head into town and get to know locals over a steaming cup of glühwein.

Today, we’re off to see one of the most famous screw-ups in history (no, we’re not talking about Fyre Festival) – Pisa’s famous Leaning Tower. Snap a photo (you know the one), then prep your fat pants for Florence: the home of gelato and drool-worthy Tuscan cuisine. Before dinner tonight, stroll along the Arno River for all those frosty-this-is-what-I-came-here-for vibes. Then: did someone say karaoke? If you’re feeling it, join the gang in a battle of the classics at the bar later. Or seek out a cosy candle-lit wine bar to sample the region’s famous vino rosso.

This morning, we’ll delve deeper into this capital of culture. Walk through centuries of history with a local guide – soaking up all the artistic charm and dazzling architecture only Florence can deliver. We’re talking: Uffizi Gallery. Ponte Vecchio. Piazza della Signoria. And the showstopping Duomo. Then? La bella Roma awaits. Dinner tonight is up to you, but you’re in Disneyland for foodies. Meaning? EVERYTHING is good.

What you do this morning is 100% up to you. But if you need some suggestions, we’ve got your back. Rise early and count your blessings on an optional tour of Vatican City. Head up Capitoline Hill for awesome views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum. Then, perch in a picture-perfect piazza with your espresso and indulge in a little dolce far niente (delicious idleness). Later, we’ll rendezvous with ancient architecture's biggest players on a walking tour to end all walking tours. Pass by the Pantheon, (don’t) sit on the Spanish Steps, check out the mighty Colosseum and throw your two cents in the Trevi Fountain before the day is done. Thought this place couldn’t get better looking? Watch two-and-a-half-millennia of ancient history light up like Christmas – and think again.

This is your adventure, so here’s 24 hours of freedom to get out there and do your thing. Create the ultimate Roman Holiday in one day with a whirlwind of Vespas, espresso, two-cheek kisses and pizza the way it's supposed to taste. Shop till you drop on Via Condotti. Hunt down the Knights of Malta Keyhole for an alternative view of the city. Battle the lunchtime rush for a slice at Pizzarium Bonci. Or stop and take it all in at Piazza Nuova (hot chocolate in hand, obvs). Tonight, shake out those fat pants and seek out the world’s best pasta alla carbonara. It’s from here, so it’s gotta be good.

No lies – we have a long drive today. Now is the chance to share snaps with your new mates, catch up on some zzzzs and text the 'rents (trust us, you'll be too busy later). Later, we'll park up in the Floating City – home to over 400 bridges and birthplace of Vivaldi. Throw on your beanie and acquaint yourself with the who's who of Venice's usual suspects on a walking tour – we’re talking: St Mark's Square, Doge’s Palace and Accademia Bridge. Tonight, you’re free to get lost amongst the misty alleyways and shimmering piazzas of this romantic city. What delicious carb-laden Italian meal haven’t you tried yet? Order two.

You wanted the freedom to do your own spontaneous-this-is-what-I-came-here-for thing. So here’s a full day to do just that. Need some suggestions? Float past the famous Rialto Bridge on an optional gondola ride. Spend your time seeking out the epic Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop. Then find yourself next to a roaring fire with a mug of hot vin brulé. Later, score a cheap meal at Osteria Al Portego or fill up on alllll the drool-worthy Italian pastries (no judgement here).

Today: we’re setting a course for Salzburg. So much more than strudel and The Sound of Music – this place has got elegance written on every grand Baroque building. We’ll tick off the likes of the Mirabell Gardens, Mozart’s birthplace, Fortress Hohensalzburg and the Cathedral on a walking tour with our expert Trip Leader. What you get up to tonight is 100% on you. Getting hangry? Pull up a pew at a local restaurant and dig into a weiner schnitzel, washed down with a pint of Ottakringer for good measure.

Rise and shine – the Austrian Alps await! This place is a snow-fanatic's ultimate fantasy and you’ll have a full day to shred to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, ask your Trip Leader for the best slopes for you – then hit the powder! Or just sit back and enjoy a day sipping hot chocolate surrounded by gob-smacking Alpine scenery. It’s 100% up to you. Rather stay put in Salzburg? Take the funicular up to the Castle. Check out Mozart’s birthplace. Visit St Peter’s Catacombs. Or organise a Sound of Music tour. Disclaimer: you’ll be ‘doe-a-deer-ing' for the rest of the trip. Make sure you try a mozartkugel before the day is done. Trust us.

Ten points if you can guess what Vienna is famous for. Musicians. Grand coffee houses. And strudel (duh!). Prepare to have your heart captured as we drive by the likes of the Opera House, Hofburg Palace, Museum Quarter and Ringstrasse. Then: the afternoon is yours. Explore the Museum Quarter in depth. Head to Cafe Central where the likes of Freud, Trotsky and Lenin used to hang out. Or enjoy the sweet sounds of Mozart and Bach played by the Viennese Chamber Orchestra at an optional concert. Look at you, so cultured.

First up today: a pit stop in Slovakia. Check out all the panoramic views from Bratislava Castle, wander through the Gothic Old Town and grab lunch. Tip: warm up with a serving of kapustnica (cabbage soup) or bryndzové pirohy (Slovak dumplings). Then? The twin cities of Buda and Pest. We’ll be chauffeured past the Chain Bridge, Castle District, Heroes’ Square and House of Terror on a driving tour of the city. Later, we’ll turn it up a notch with an included dinner cruise down the Danube – Buda Castle and House of Parliament look even better lit up like Christmas. Trust us.

You wanted freedom to explore – here it is. Check out the Central Market Hall. Explore the Jewish Quarter. Play pinball at the Flippermúzeum. Get a harrowing education at the House of Terrors. Hunt down the Anonymous Statue. Soak in the warm therapeutic waters of the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Or head to Buda Castle and check out all the views from Fisherman’s Bastion. Tonight, get stuck into some local fare: goulash, chicken paprikash, langos, dobos cake. Hopefully you like paprika, they’re kinda obsessed with it here. Or hang with the hipsters at one of the original ruin bars. Our suggestion? Try pálinka (traditional fruit brandy) – it’s like a warm hug for your insides.

As the legend goes, a dragon had to be defeated for Kraków to be built – bit tougher than the usual council approvals emmiright? Get acquainted with Poland's beating heart and the largest medieval town square in Europe on today’s walking tour. Then? Take Fleetwood's advice and go your own way. Top up your history knowledge at Wawel Castle, explore the quirky cafes and boutiques in the Jewish Quarter, head to Schindler's Museum (be prepared to queue) or find a local haunt and tuck into a piled-plate of pierogi.

It's your day to delve deeper – need some suggestions? Head to Hamsa in the heart of the Jewish Quarter for some 'Hummus and Happiness', shop for amber in the UNESCO-listed Cloth Hall. Or do as the locals do and head to Okraglak for some drool-worthy street food – Zapiekanki is a must! Then: it's vodka time. On an optional tasting tour, wander the cobblestoned streets with a local guide – learning the history behind Polish vodka and sampling a few flavoured varieties as you go. This stuff is not for mixing with cranberry juice. Trust us. Feeling buzzed? Przypiecek is a 24-hour pierogi place with your name on it.

Onwards to the spire-filled skyline and mysterious streets of Prague! Get acquainted with this picture-perfect city as our Trip Leader takes us on a wander through Wenceslas Square, past the largest ancient castle in the world and across the medieval Charles Bridge. Try catch the quirky show the 600-year-old Astronomical Clock puts on every hour before tucking into a delish dinner with the gang. Tonight, head to a traditional pub to sample some of that famous Czech beer or (if you’re here in December), warm up with some mulled wine under the ginormous Christmas tree in Old Town Square.

That’s right folks – it’s your day, your way. So, make like Dora and get exploring. Check out the John Lennon wall. Soak up some history at the Communist Museum. Take the funicular up Petrin Hill for allll the views. Or grab a delish roast pork roll at one of the street vendors lining Old Town Square. Fancy yourself as a bit of a hops connoisseur? Don’t miss the beer tasting optional this afternoon. Or delight your inner-fat kid with a sugar-filled serving of trdelník. Think: fire-roasted pastry coated in cinnamon sugar – add Nutella and you’ve got the stuff of dessert dreams. *wipes drool from chin*

From one beer capital to the next. Get acquainted with 800 year-old Dresden – a city virtually destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt – before we make tracks to Berlin. Prep yourself for currywurst and more hipsters per capita than anywhere else. We'll drive you around to see the main sights including (what's left of) the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, the Holocaust Museum and Alexanderplatz. Then: tonight dinner is on us. Prost!

You’ve got 24hrs here. Make the most of it. Our advice? Opt in for a historic walking tour that’s, you know – not boring. Get a local insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule and tick off the likes of the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg Gate. Plus, get the in-the-know tips on where to spend your free time later. Or put those taste buds to the ultimate test on an awesome AF food tour. We’re talking kebabs, pastries, more currywurst, pierogi and local beers (you’re in Germany after all). Tonight, it’s time to see whether this city’s nightlife really lives up to the hype.

Our trip may be coming to a close, but it’s not over yet! We’ve got our eye on Amsterdam today. Dump your stuff and hit the cobblestones – Dam Square, the Royal Palace and the National Monument are waiting. For dinner tonight, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice – Dutch steakhouses, trendy vegan haunts, fancy à la carte menus and the best take-away hot chips you’ve had in your life. Guaranteed. Later, there’s an option to experience a show in the Red Light district. Or for a realer Dutch experience – head to Proeflokaal Arendsnest for a selection of over 100 local beers and unique crowd.

And just like that, this is our last full day together. FFS don’t hang about! Join the locals and check out Amsterdam's iconic canals, bridges and parks on an optional bike tour. Or for the culture fiends – delve a bit deeper with a visit to the Anne Frank House (don’t forget to book in advance!). Then: there’s 51 museums here but the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum should be top of your list. Or get lost amongst backstreets of this city’s diverse districts – each one’s got a distinct vibe. Whatever you get up to, make sure you’re back in time for tonight’s included dinner – we’ll be going out with a bang!

You tried the food. You met the locals. You said yes to culture. Yes, to history. Yes, to the new and the exotic. You embraced it. all. But now it’s time to hit the road back to ol’ Blighty. Who's saying yes to the next adventure? Start planning.

-Traditional cabaret show in Paris: from €65

-Seine river cruise: from €10

-Bike tour of Paris: from €30

-Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from 168.80 CHF

-Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from 390 CHF (plus 50 CHF deposit)

-Helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps: from 195 CHF (plus 20 CHF deposit)

-Tickets for the Schilthorn cable car: from 73.50 CHF

-Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

-Gondola ride in Venice: from €20

-Get a personalised trip T-shirt: from €21

-Get a personalised trip hoodie: from €32

-Snowboarding/skiing in the Austrian Alps: from €83

-Tickets to the Sound of Vienna Orchestra: from €40

-Tickets to the Sound of Vienna Orchestra (dinner included): from €62

-Dinner cruise on the Danube river: from €35

-Third Reich walking tour of Berlin: from €12

-Street art and nightlife tour of Berlin: from €20

-Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

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