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Join us in the Balkans for historically charged capitals, sun-soaked Dalmatian coastlines and so much more in between. Bonus: this region's culture is just as amazing as its scenery!

Bucket List Inclusions

Driving tour of Budapest

Visit the Srebrenica Memorial

Walking tour of Belgrade

Local guide in Dubrovnik

Walking tour of Sarajevo

Wine tasting in Nadin

Entry to Plitvice Lakes National Park

More Inclusions

14 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 5 dinners

-14 nights in hotels (twin or double)


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi.

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 16:00 in Budapest

Finish time:
Approximately 16:00 in Budapest

Meet your Trip Leader and prepare for two days of getting down and Danube (that being the river) with twin cities Buda and Pest! We’ll check out Heroes’ Square, Parliament House, the National Palace, Fisherman's Bastion and the swanky Andrássy Avenue before tucking into an included dinner. Yum!

A free day to take on a city with enough baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau architecture to keep you entertained for hours. Tonight, hang with the hipsters at one of the original ruin bars. Wanna go one step further? An optional dinner cruise on the Danube has your name on it.

Next up: Belgrade. Prepare for another slice of Eastern Europe's unique mix of glasnost and capitalism! Serbia's religious and political past has cultivated a diverse cultural landscape throughout the city. After you’ve soaked up the sights on a walking tour, make like a local and sip some traditional plum brandy. You'll fit right in.

Say hello to freedom – it’s your day, your way! Check out the wartime tunnels or jump on a guided tour to find out more about life in Tito's Yugoslavia. Whatever you do, make the most of Belgrade while you can – tomorrow we’ll be hitting the road again.

Beat the crowds in up-and-coming Sarajevo – a city that’s shaking off its tragic past. But first: honour the victims of the 1995 genocide at the haunting Srebrenica Genocide Memorial, a sobering reminder of the greatest atrocity on European soil since the Second World War.

You’ve got a free day to explore one of Europe’s most underrated cities. Spend some time playing ‘I spy’ with the city’s mosques, synagogues and churches – or, if you fancy, there’s also an optional guided tour of the Sarajevo Tunnel on the cards.

We’ll make the most of Mostar before heading for the most famous walled city in Europe: Dubrovnik. Wander the city’s tiny cobblestoned streets and explore hidden cafés and shops before grabbing some dinner and checking out the glitzy nightlife.

Free day in Dubrovnik for the win! Check out the residential homes further up in the Old Town and take in some epic views. Later, crack open a cold beer on the wall and watch as the sun sets over the Adriatic. This is the good life!

Hands up who needs more beach in their life? Well, you’re on the right trip! Today we’re hitting the road to Budva – the ‘Miami of Montenegro’. Whether you choose to laze on the sand and roll into bed or hit the clubs and party till dawn, you can’t lose!

Part beach paradise, part walled medieval wonder-city, Budva's got plenty to keep you occupied. After breakfast, the city is your oyster. And... go!

Today we’ll listen to the ocean play an instrument in Zadar. Yep, you read that right. The Sea Organ is a quirky art installation nestled within the city’s eclectic mix of Roman ruins and public art. More cool facts await you on an orientation tour with your brainy Trip Leader.

Next up: bliss and waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Today is brought to you by Mother Nature! Made up of 16 lakes connected by streams and waterfalls, and surrounded by 300 square kilometres of national park, Plitvice Lakes didn’t make it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list for nothing. Hike up to see the tallest waterfall in Croatia or glide across the crystal blue lakes in a rowboat. Mindfulness just got a whole new meaning.

Today we’ll take on Slovenia’s capital: Ljubljana. Ljubljana Castle and Old Town have been waiting for you since Celtic times, so it’d be rude not to check them out. Tonight, hit up the strip for a tea or vino with a side of live music.

Our final destination is Budapest, where this trip wraps up. Go hunt down some tasty goulash, quirky ruin bars and a fiendish Rubik's cube before heading home. See you next time!

-Dinner cruise on the Danube river: from €37

-Sea kayaking around the ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik: from 230 HRK

-Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik: from €15

-Ljubljana pub crawl: from €15

-Food tour of Ljubljana: from €33

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