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Delve Deep: Egypt

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(Previously called: Egypt Express) TRIP VIBE = iconic sights and in-depth adventures with a local Trip Leader. The pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile... they’re all here. But where are you? You’ve seen them in books. You’ve seen them in documentaries. You’ve seen them in movie after movie after movie. But experiencing them in real life = a whole different level of AMAZING. Ancient, archaeological and wall-to-wall ICONIC, this sure as hell isn’t your average holiday. But then – you’re not your average traveller.

Bucket List Inclusions

Visit the Egyptian Museum

Walking tour of the pyramids and Sphinx with Trip Leader

Visit Aswan Bazaar

Visit the Temples of Abu Simbel

Overnight stay on a traditional Felucca (sleeping bag recommended)

Visit the Valley of the Kings

Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut

Visit the Colossi of Memnon

More Inclusions

7 breakfasts, 1 lunches, 4 dinners

- 6 nights in hotel-style accommodation (twin or double), 1 night aboard a felucca sailboat, 1 night aboard an overnight coach


Air-conditioned minicoach. Traditional felucca sailboat.

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 18:00 in Cairo

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Cairo

This is your chance to delve deeper, to explore more. To experience a new and exotic destination to the absolute fullest. Ladies and gents – welcome to Egypt. Spot your Topdeck Rep at the airport (hint: they’re holding a placard with your name on it). Then: dump your stuff at the hotel and meet your fellow explorers by the pool. Tonight, we’ll dig into our first included group dinner at a local restaurant. Time to talk tombs, swap pharaoh facts, and discover how many times everyone’s watched The Mummy.

You’ve read about them in books. Seen them in documentaries. And watched them play backdrop to movie after movie. But today, you’re gonna experience the AMAZING Pyramids of Giza in real life. First though, we’ll get the low-down on the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities at the Egyptian Museum. Then: prepare to feel insignificant (in the best possible way) as you stand before the Great Pyramids and the legendary Sphinx. We mentioned your Trip Leader is a qualified Egyptologist, right? So, our walking tour is gonna be filled with allll the fascinating facts. Win! After a full day of exploring, we’ll jump on an overnight coach to Aswan. Note to self: bring a neck pillow and plenty of snacks – this one’s a long one.

Disembark our noble steed, freshen up at the hotel and slip on your Birks – we’re gonna take a wander around the jumble of antique storefronts and brightly coloured stalls of Aswan Bazaar. Then? The rest is 100% up to you. But if you need some suggestions, we got you. You could explore the Temple of Isis in nearby Philae. Or head out on the Nile for a spot of kayaking. Keen to delve a bit deeper into the unique culture here? Opt in to visit a Nubian village and tuck into dinner with the locals. This is as authentic as it gets.

Crank the ancient history knob a little higher – today we’re exploring the great temples of Abu Simbel. Carved within the mountains on the bank of the Nile, these babies are full of WOW factor. Take it alllll in as we wander through the great halls of the Great Temple of Ramses II and gape at the detail within the Temple of Hathor – dedicated to Ramses’ favourite wife: Queen Nefertari. Later, get the gang together for a wander along Aswan’s Corniche in search of a riverside terrace for dinner. Our Trip Leader knows where to get the best fattah. Or watch the sunset from the Ferial Gardens. This is livin’.

Imagine: the sun on your back, the wind in your sails and THE BEST people you could ever hope to meet sharing stories, food and music in one rug-strewn love-in. Today, we’re ditching the wheels and embarking on a journey down the Nile – aboard a traditional wooden felucca boat, of course. Pull up a cushion, turn off the tech and lose yourself in the moment as we watch rural Egyptian life play out along the banks of this mighty river. After plenty of home-cooked food, swim stops and games of UNO with the gang – we’ll spend the night under a star-filled sky. This is the real Egypt. *Felucca facts: You’re spending the night on a traditional wooden boat. Meaning? No cabins. The boat’s broad canvas sails offer shade and protection from the elements by day. And by night, we’ll sleep outdoors on comfy mattresses – so don’t forget a sleeping bag. And for other... things? DW there’s a toilet and shower on board.

Wake to the sun rising slowly over the Nile and enjoy the fresh air lapping at our felucca’s sails. After breakfast, we’ll make a pit stop at Kom Ombo for an optional look at the Temple and Crocodile Museum. Then? It’s onwards to INCREDIBLE Luxor. They say this place is the world’s greatest open-air museum – and you’ve got all afternoon free to uncover what ‘they’ mean. Explore the ancient temple of Karnak on an optional visit – stick around for the sound and light show later if you want. Or do your own thing and head to Egypt’s largest Pharaonic temple or the fascinating Luxor Museum. Tonight, dinner is on you – so get the crew together and hunt down a local restaurant for some fiteer (aka Egyptian pizza). Mmmm.

Another day, another bucket-list item well-and-truly ticked off the list. Insert: Valley of the Kings. We’ll spend the morning getting schooled on the funerary rites of the ancient Egyptians and the many hieroglyphics painted throughout three significant royal tombs – including Hatshepsut Temple and the Colossi of Memmon. Give a silent salute to Queen Hatshepsut (who ruled ancient Egypt for 20 years), before we jump back on the coach and hit the road to Hurghada. Want to explore? We got you. An optional walking tour with a local guide will give you alllll the inside knowledge on this coastal paradise. Or spend the afternoon horizontal by the pool or beachside. And later? Dinner’s on us. Get. In.

Disclaimer: we’re out of here this afternoon. So don’t waste a sun-soaked second. Spend the morning discovering the Old Town of El Dahar, chock-full of local restaurants, shops, and a traditional souk (read: market) selling leather, spices and shisha pipes. Heard about the incredible Red Sea diving here? Yeah, us too. Jump aboard an optional snorkelling boat trip and explore the abundance of marine life and coral reefs for yourself. Waterlogged and sunkissed, finally we’ll make a beeline back to Cairo for our last group dinner at a local eatery. What. A. Week.

You came. You saw. You embraced it all. And now, just like that, it’s all over. Get down to breakfast and swap those digits with your trip mates – you’ll be catching up later for sure. Where to next? We’ve got Delve Deep trips in Morocco and Turkey, timed perfectly so you can hop straight over. Just saying...

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Kayaking on the Nile: from 30 USD

- Visit the Temple of Isis in Philae: from 57 USD

- Visit a Nubian village (with traditional Nubian dinner): from 36 USD

- Visit Kom Ombo Temple: prices available locally

- Visit Karnak Temple: from 25 USD

- Experience the Karnak Temple Sound & Light Show: from 30 USD

- Locally guided tour of Hurghada: from 30 USD

- Hurghada snorkelling boat trip: from 70 USD

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