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Join us as we journey through some of Eastern Europe's hottest new destinations. After seeing timeless classics in Venice and Rome, we'll take the road less travelled and explore Croatia's stunning Dalmatian Coast, Slovenia's natural charms and the Gothic glories of Prague. As we head west we'll get to grips with funky Berlin and join the party in lively Amsterdam. Long story short? This is one amazing trip of a lifetime!

Bucket List Inclusions

Walking tour of Rome

Walking tour of Venice

Vaporetto ride in Venice

Pag Island getaway

Visit Lake Bled

Visit former concentration camp Mauthausen

Walking tour of Prague

Orientation tour of the restored city of Dresden

Driving tour of Berlin

Orientation tour of Amsterdam

Canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam

More Inclusions

15 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 7 dinners

-10 nights in hostels, 3 nights in bungalows, 2 nights in an Austrian Gasthof


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 14:00 in Rome

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Amsterdam

Meet the group in Rome and prepare to give that bucket list a workout! If you arrive early, we have a few tips for you: shop till you drop on Via Condotti, head to Capitoline Hill for awesome views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum or just kick back in Piazza Navona. Get excited – it’s gonna be one heck of a trip!

This morning: count your blessings on an optional tour of Vatican City. Home to the Sistine Chapel, the Pope and some fine-looking architecture - it’s something to behold! Then: say ciao to Venice. Yep, you’re really here! Time to get lost in a maze of bridges and canals, finishing up your day local-style with prosecco and peach puree - the Bellini was born here.

You know it as The Floating City, but this place is actually sinking (slowly). Today we’ll check out a who's who of Venice's usual suspects on a guided walking tour (ticking off the likes of St Mark's Square and Accademia Bridge) before rounding things off with a vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal. Need suggestions for this afternoon? Insider tip: spend some time seeking out the epic Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop (or just go on a mission to find the perfect gelato).

First up: an optional round of stalagmite spotting at the beautiful (not to mention huge) Postojna Cave. This all-natural maze of tunnels and caverns was hollowed out by the Pivka River around two MILLION years ago. True story! Later today, your Pag Island getaway awaits.

You’ve got two whole days to relax and chill out in the sun. The water is warm, the food is awesome… and this island sure knows how to party.

Eat, sleep, party, repeat!

Today we're off to Ljubljana (lyoob-lya-nah), aka the capital of Slovenia. Tonight: why not band together with your fellow #Topdeckers and see the city come alive on an optional pub crawl?

Lake Bled is one of those names that keeps popping up in all those lists of amazing places. Find out why as we make a scenic pitstop on our way to the Austrian Alps.

The snow-capped hills (mountains, really) are alive with the sound of carving. Today’s optional extras? We’re glad you asked. There’s skydiving, tandem paragliding, canyoning, mountain biking and even a mountainside dinner to keep you occupied. Or, you could just sit and stare at the storybook landscape like a lovesick puppy. Kirchdorf does that to people.

First today: a visit to former concentration camp Mauthausen for a lesson in the resilience of humanity. Then: on to Prague. Get Insta-happy and seek out the John Lennon wall, soak up some history at the National or Communist Museum or get a taste of the quirky local culture at a marionette puppet opera (you gotta see it to believe it).

Another free day for the win! Snap a selfie at Prague's own Eiffel Tower, visit a miniatures museum, eat roast pork from one of the street vendors lining Old Town Square and wash it all down with a beer. As in, a really good beer. Prague, we love you.

Get acquainted with 800 year-old Dresden – a city virtually destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt – and check out the Frauenkirche before we make tracks to Berlin. Prep yourself for currywurst and more hipsters per capita than anywhere else. We'll drive you around to see (what's left of) the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building.

Today, why not step out on an optional Third Reich walking tour for a local insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule? Kreuzberg is a hit for lunch – or you could always have a picnic at the historic Tempelhof airport-turned-public park. Tonight explore the city after dark - Berlin’s nightlife is famous for a reason!

Amsterdam is next! After an orientation tour, we’ll let you loose on the likes of the Dam Square, the Royal Palace and the National Monument – so get your cameras at the ready! For the perfect end to the perfect day, give in to temptation and grab a cone of hot chips with mayo. Mmm.

Join 881,000 bikes and get your cycle on with an optional bike tour of Amsterdam's iconic canals, bridges and parks. And for the culture fiends? Delve deeper with a visit to the Anne Frank House (make sure to book in advance!) or the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum. Whatever you get up to, make sure you’re back in time to toast the final night of our European adventure on a dinner cruise along the canal.

After all the Amster-damage has been done, it’s time to hit the road back to ol’ Blighty. Soak up all the happy group vibes you can possibly handle – this is your last coach ride with the gang. #sadface

-Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

-Gondola ride: from €20

-Get a personalised trip T-shirt: from €21

-Get a personalised trip hoodie: from €32

-Visit Postojna Cave: from €25

-Ljubljana pub crawl: from €15

-Canyoning in the Austrian Alps: from €65

-Full day mountain biking in the Austrian Alps: from €20

-Half day mountain biking in the Austrian Alps: from €15

-Tandem paragliding in the Austrian Alps: from €145

-Skydiving in the Austrian Alps: from €259

-Mountainside dinner in the Austrian Alps: from €23

-Local beer tasting in Prague: from CZK 800

-Third Reich walking tour: from €12

-Nightlife tour of Berlin: from €20

-Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

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