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This one? It's a bit different. You are too? PERFECT. Georgia Explorer is your match made in trip heaven. Join us on the road less travelled and prepare for alllllll of the remote villages. Alllllll of the one-of-a-kind cultural experiences. Allllllll of the awesome, you-had-to-be-there moments - with some of the most excellent individuals you'll ever meet. From ancient ruins to fancy estates (and a traditional Georgian family home), this unforgettable week and a half will well and truly broaden those horizons. See you in Tbilisi.

Bucket List Inclusions

Walking tour of Tbilisi

Walking tour of Mtskheta

Visit Ananuri castle complex

Scenic walk to Gergeti Trinity Church

Visit the remote village of Juta

Winemaking demonstration and tasting in Kaspi

Visit the spa town of Borjomi

Visit the 'cave town' of Vardzia

Visit Khertvisi Fortress (entrance not included)

Visit the quaint town of Sighnaghi

Visit a winery in the Kakheti region

Lunch with a local family (including Georgian cookery lesson)

Visit the estate of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze

More Inclusions

8 breakfasts, 1 lunches, 4 dinners

-8 nights in hotels (twin or double)


Modern air-conditioned coach

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 18:00 in Tbilisi

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Tbilisi

Welcome. To. Colour. Love breaking the mould, defying the norm, doing things differently? Tbilisi is your place. Picture it: breathtaking valley setting. Kaleidoscopic architecture. Unbelievable bars and nightlife. Check into your hotel, drop your bags and go exploring. We’ve got your dinner covered tonight.

Time to get versed in all things Tbilisian (yep, it's a word). Point yourself in the direction of the 13th-century Metekhi Church and prepare to swell your brain with some serious local knowledge. On today's walking tour, we'll take on the terrace-like old districts of the city ­- so expect colourful houses, patterned balconies and INCREDIBLE views. Case in point? The panoramic vistas from the 4th-century Narikala Fortress (they'll drop your jaw). Before we head back towards the hotel, we'll check out the sulphur bath area. Fact: the old Georgian word 'tbili' means 'warm'. Makes sense.

DAY TRIP: Mtskheta is just a 40-minute drive away, so it’d be rude not to. This 3,000-year-old city was once the capital of Georgia, and it’s chock-full of ancient architectural wonders. Today we’ll get the lowdown on the UNESCO-listed Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (where the Robe of Christ is buried) from a local guide. Tonight: back to Tbilisi. Go techno at Bassiani or KHIDI, or snag yourself a Georgian tipple at Wine Buffet (sophis).

Today: not-your-average road trip up the Georgian Military Highway. Featuring: not-your-average pit stop (aka the 17th-century Ananuri castle complex). The carvings on the churches here are amazingly intricate, FYI – and the whole shebang overlooks the stunning Zhinvali reservoir. Take a look around, then it’s back on the road again, winding through the gorgeous Caucasus Mountains to the town of Stepantsminda. Like a hike? This one’s a peach. Grab some water and a snack, ‘cause we’re off through the valleys and woodlands on a two-and-a-half-hour expedish to Gergeti Trinity Church. If the weather’s on our side, we might even see Mt Kazbegi (an extra-high glacier) along the way. Back in Stepantsminda, there’s a dumpling-themed cookery class to get into if you’re keen.

Juta, we're coming for you - through the gorgeous Sno Valley (we know, it sounds like a Mario Kart racetrack). But what is Juta? Good question tbf. It's a tiny little mountain village that's cut off from the rest of the world for most of the year. Think: lush, green, soul-soothing landscapes. Hit up a café, try a local tea, say hey to the cows and horses, then hop back on the coach to Stepantsminda. Dinner's waiting back at the hotel.

Next up: Kaspi, where we've got a wine tasting to get stuck into. Red or white, the local stuff is made in large earthenware jugs called kvevri ­(a method that's so legit Georgian, it's on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list). After we've sunk a couple, it's onwards to Borjomi - a spa town that's famous as the birthplace of the eponymous (we know, we're wordsmiths) mineral water. Head out and find a cool place for lunch, then it's off to Akhaltsikhe for the evening.

This is a special one. Remember the name Vardzia, 'cause it's gonna be your new favourite place. Two words: CAVE CITY. This incredible complex of caverns and tunnels stretches for over half a kilometre -and it's even got its own rock-carved church, the Church of the Dormition (which is full of unbelievable Golden Age frescoes). Take some time to wander the meeting rooms, reception chambers and wine cellars (there are a lot of them) before we move on. Next stop, Khertvisi Fortress - one of the oldest fortresses in the country. Tonight, it's back to Tbilisi. Ready for round two?

Kakheti region, coming up. YES – it’s another winemaking area. And YES – it’s a warm and friendly kinda place. Think: snow-capped mountains meet fertile valleys. On the to do list? The photogenic town of Sighnaghi (feels like you’re in Tuscany, right?) and a winery (for another round of tipple time). Then: prepare for a deep-dive into Georgian culture as we settle down for lunch with a local family – including delicious homemade food, wine and Georgian chacha (that’s ‘brandy’ to you and me). Plus: we’ll get a lesson in Georgian cookery with a bit of Churchkela sweet-making AND a Shoti bread-baking demo (complete with traditional thone oven). But that’s not all. To round things off we’ll get a wriggle on to Tsinandali – where we’ll pay a visit to the estate of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze (which was a hotspot for poets and creative types back in the 19th century). Back in Tbilisi there’s one more group dinner to look forward to. Make it count!

It’s the end of the road (for now). Where to next?

-Khinkali (Georgian dumpling) cookery class:

27 de julho a 04 de agosto
R$ 7.654,50
31 de agosto a 08 de setembro
R$ 7.654,50