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Highlights of America

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From sparkling LA and outrageous Las Vegas to soulful New Orleans and the City That Never Sleeps, this 12-day American adventure ticks off some of the USA's most bucket list-worthy essentials. We're talking nights aboard the party bus, optional Grand Canyon visits, jazz music, jambalaya and more. Sound good? We thought so!

Bucket List Inclusions

Party bus, Las Vegas

Local Legend walking tour, New York City

More Inclusions

8 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 4 dinners

11 nights in hotels


Air-conditioned coach (maximum 50 people) or spacious mini-coach (maximum 20 people)

Group Size

Maximum 50people

Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 08:00 in Los Angeles

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in New York

Hello, City of Angels! Say hey to the crew and prepare for twelve days of livin’ it up on the east coast and beyond. We’ve got a full day’s tour to kick things off, so hang onto your hats! Spoiler alert: we’ll tick off a whole bunch of must-see sights as we go.

Wanna add an optional excursion to your LA bucket list? Good news. Universal Studios and Disneyland are here! Or, if you prefer, you could always head downtown and check out the amazing views from OUE Skyspace.

Swap palm trees for Joshua Trees as we make tracks across the Mojave Desert to Sin City itself: Las Vegas. Dress to impress – you're on the guest list for a private party bus! When the beverages run dry, why not keep the good times rolling with some optional nightclub entry passes? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, after all...

Awww yeah - you’ve got a free day in Las Vegas to do whatever the heck you want! Feeling ropey after last night? No worries. Today’s optionals will help you get out of hangover mode in a jiffy! Take a whirl on the High Roller Observation Wheel or test your aim at a shooting range. Vegas, we love you and your ridiculous ways.

Today there’s an optional trip to the Grand Canyon to get on board with. That’s right – THE Grand Canyon. Bucket list behemoth alert! If you fancy staying put in Vegas, there’s an optional helicopter flight over The Strip to cash your winnings in for. Up, up and away!

Next up: New Orleans, the home of jazz music AND finger-lickin’ Cajun food.

Po’boys, gumbo, jambalaya... just how do they get Cajun food to taste so damn good? Learn the secrets behind New Orleans’ tastiest treats with an optional cooking demonstration. Later on, head over to Bourbon Street and get down with some legendary party vibes. Make sure you grab a Hand Grenade cocktail – they’re the bomb.

Feeling the after-effects of last night? No worries. Today you’re free to chill. Hop on an optional swamp tour and check out the alligators, go creep yourself out in one of the ‘Cities of the Dead’, find out what a steam calliope sounds like, or just have a taste of authentic New Orleans crawfish.

Please prepare the cabin for takeoff. Time is precious so today we're flying, not driving. Next stop: NYC. Excitement overload? Yeah, us too. Eek!

New York City, let’s do this! Get your 7-Day Metro Pass at the ready and prepare to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Today we'll hook up with a local legend to show us the best bits of Manhattan. Want an optional Sightseeing Pass? Coming right up!

Ready for the grand finale? Good. You’ve got one last free day in NYC, so go nuts! Get the view of the city from a helicopter, stuff your face on a Brooklyn pizza or work it all off on a Central Park bike tour. Tonight, there’s an included dinner with the crew. What better way to round off the trip of a lifetime?

Our trip ends after breakfast - but if this New York Minute wasn’t quite long enough, stick around to see where your blossoming love affair takes you.

Los Angeles, California

Visit Universal Studios: From $100 USD

Visit Disneyland: From $180 USD

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ride the High Roller Observation Wheel: $35 USD

Shooting range experience: From $100 USD

Day trip to Grand Canyon National Park: $100 USD

Vegas to Grand Canyon flight: Approx $450 USD

Heli-tour over the Las Vegas Strip: $130 USD

New Orleans, Louisiana

Cooking demonstration: $40 USD

Swamp tour: $22 USD

Paddleboat cruise: From $35 USD

New York City, New York

New York sightseeing pass: From $60 USD

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