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Come with us and get excited to explore Spain and Portugal's Iberian Coast - as well as magical Morocco! Ready to witness the influence of both European and Arab culture on either side of the Mediterranean? Good. Let's do this!

Bucket List Inclusions

Driving tour of Barcelona

Walking tour of Valencia

Guided tour of Fes

Guided tour of Volubilis

Visit the 'blue city' of Chefchaouen

Walking tour of Seville

Guided tour of Lisbon

More Inclusions

13 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 6 dinners

-4 nights in hotel upgrades (twin or double), 9 nights in hostels


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi.

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 14:00 in Barcelona

Finish time:
Approximately 9:00 in Lisbon

Bienvenidos to the city of art nouveau, alluring accents and (most importantly) tapas. After meeting the group, the city will be yours - so be sure to get out there and tick off the likes of the Sagrada Família, the Columbus Monument and Las Ramblas. Then: fuel up for the notorious nightlife with a feast of local cuisine. Here's to an amazing trip!

You've got a whole morning to spend in Barcelona, so jump at the chance to catch up on anything you might have missed yesterday. Later on, we'll head to Valencia - with a pit stop at the Cava caves along the way. Anyone up for going inside to explore the dark, narrow tunnels and spiralling staircases?

We've cleared your schedule so you can spend a whole day exploring the birthplace of paella. Check out the Old Quarter for some serious throwback charm - or just, you know, hit the beach. We won't judge. Later, there's an optional pub crawl to get involved in, so brace your beer-swilling arm.

Today we'll make the scenic journey to Granada, the last Moorish city in Spain to fall to the Christians. Ready to discover why this is place is the hottest destination in Andalusia? Yeah, you are!

First things first: take in the impressive Moorish architecture of the Albaycín district, an area photogenically set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Cue an endless stream of Instagram-worthy pics! Later on, why not treat yourself to some local cuisine for dinner? Pro tip: most places serve free tapas with your beverage. Yessss.

Next up: the 'blue city' of Chefchaouen. Welcome to one of the prettiest towns in Morocco! Feel free to wander around filling up your camera roll with colourful pics while you're here - and make sure you check out the Kasbah, too.

Spend the day checking out the ruins of Volubilis, which was once the ruling centre of the Roman province of Mauritania. This ancient site dates back to 40 AD - which explains why the ville nouvelle (or 'new city') neighborhood of Fes bears its name, despite being 700 years old. We're going local for dinner again tonight. In other words: tagine!

Tick off the Royal Palace, the Jewish neighbourhood, the UNESCO-listed medina and a leather tannery on a walking tour with a local guide. Then: hunt down a hammam and lose yourself in a labyrinth of souks and cobblestone streets. Whatever you do, bring your bargaining pants and embrace the centuries-old tradition of paying what you want for things, not what you're told they cost!

Today: say hello to the whitewashed wonder that is the seaside town of Asilah. This place oozes Greek island vibes, and will no doubt impress with its burgeoning art scene and unbelievable selection of tapas restaurants.

Leave the tagines for paella - we're off to Seville! Did you know? According to legend, the city was founded 3,000 years ago by Hercules. Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Kingdom of Heaven and season five of Games of Thrones were all filmed or partly filmed here. To be fair - when you look as good as Seville, it must be hard not to show off!

What will you do on your free day in Seville? Our suggestion: visit the Real Alcázar. This palace is the most stunning example of Mudéjar architecture found on the Iberian Peninsula. If you've got time, you could also take a wander around the Plaza de España and the cathedral. Your date tonight: an optional hot and spicy flamenco show.

Flirt with Spain's girl next door and discover why Lisbon is basically the San Francisco of Europe. While you're here, let the Jeronimos Monastery and the World Heritage-listed Belem Tower feed your daily dose of history. Then: a local meal will sustain a night of dancing in Bairro Alto. Oi!

Time to get friendly with Portugal's capital city on foot. Check out the medieval maze that is Alfama, the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon, or venture up to São Jorge Castle for epic views and a history lesson on Moorish culture. Afterwards, wind down in the Botanical Gardens. Quick fact: this place was built by a Portuguese king who wanted one of every type of plant in the world. Sprawl out, have a picnic and get in touch with nature.

Today we say goodbye. Time for the next adventure? We'll be seeing you around!

-Explore the Cava caves: from €15

-Night out in Valencia: from €15

-Local dinner and show in Fes: from 200 MAD

-Flamenco show in Seville: from €32

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