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Jordan & Israel

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Fiery desert landscapes to world-class wreck diving. Ancient stone facades to churches built on grave of the big man himself. Floating weightlessly on the surface of the Dead Sea to partying with the best in lively Tel's hard to know what to expect from these two incredibly diverse countries except the fact that they EXCEEED expectations in every. single. way. Ready to see why?

Bucket List Inclusions

Visit Madaba

Visit Mt Nebo

Visit Karak Castle

Visit Little Petra

Discover the 'Lost City’ of Petra

Wadi Rum 4x4 excursion

Stay overnight in Bedouin desert camp

Float in the Dead Sea

See the Roman ruins of Jerash

City tour of Amman

City tour of Jerusalem

City tour of Bethlehem

Winery tour

More Inclusions

9 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 1 dinners

-8 nights in hotels (twin-share), 1 night in a Bedouin desert camp (twin-share)


Air-conditioned minibus or coach

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 18:00 in Amman

Finish time:
Approximately 09:00 in Tel Aviv

Touch down in one of the oldest cities in existence. Ready to experience the new and exotic? Thought so. Spot your Topdeck Rep at the airport (hint: they're holding a placard with your name on it). Dump your stuff at the hotel and meet the gang. We might be a mixed bunch but we're all in it together. Hungry? Gather the troops and head to Hashem Restaurant for the best dang falafel you've ever had. Period.

Rise and shine! We're off to the Lost City after breakfast. But it's not just about the destination - the road to Petra is gonna' be amazing. First? Madaba: the site of an ancient holy map that's so detailed it puts Google Maps to shame. Check out the vibrantly coloured and intricately detailed Byzantine-era mosaics scattered across the city before we take in allllll the views of the Promise Land from Mt Nebo. Seen Kingdom of Heaven? Channel your inner Orlando Bloom as we storm through the Crusader stronghold of Karak Castle. And to round it all up? Experience Petra - by night. Opt in to take a goosebump-inducing walk down the dark ravine, following the sound of traditional music and the soft glow of a candle-lit desert floor. Awesome is an understatement.

Words can't describe how breathtaking this place is, so why would we try? Spend the whole day uncovering the magic of the Lost City and learn why people have been drawn to this place since 312 BC. With towering burning-red cliff faces and a façade made famous by Indiana Jones - this place is a testament to man's ability to create beauty from absolutely nothing. Get your bearings on an orientation tour with our expert Trip Leader. Then: the rest of the day is yours to explore. Just be back in time for tonight's optional dinner - a delicious traditional meal of maqluba with a local family. This is as authentic as it gets.

Back in the day, camels were the go-to way to cross the desert. But they're uncomfortable and smell bad. Instead, we'll switch the coach for a 4X4 and venture across The Valley of the Moon to our traditional Bedouin Camp - in the heart of the Jordanian desert. If you want to see if Alice really does have two humps - there's an optional ride on offer today. Or just sit back and take it all in. This is your moment. Tonight's included dinner is brought to you by one of the world's most ancient nomadic tribes - tuck in around the camp fire and learn all about Bedouin life with your trip mates. We're spending the night under the best-looking night sky you've ever laid eyes on. Heck yes!

From a sea of burnt-red sand to well, the actual sea - we're making tracks to Jordan's only coastal city. A city that dates back to 4,000 BC - Aqaba's temps rarely drop below 20°C and is located smack bang in the middle of the Red Sea. Meaning? It's THE place for diving, snorkelling and Nemo-spotting. And you've got the whole afternoon to do just that. Scuba dive around sunken military tanks, transport planes and Lebanese freighters. Go snorkelling with colourful fish, a variety of corals and green turtles (maybe). Then, gather the gang for a shawarma (Jordanian kebab) and sunset on the beach. This is livin'.

Ready to tick "bob on top of the Dead Sea" off your bucket list? Today is your day. At 427m below sea level (the lowest point on Earth), the Dead Sea is so salty you can float weightlessly around like last night's second helping of shawarma didn't happen. Tip: avoid shaving your legs, face or too close to your swim. Sh*t stings! Give yourself a free spa treatment with the mineral-laden mud. Snap a pic for mum. And pile back on the coach - we're heading back to Amman for an education in the Roman, Byzantine AND Umayyad empires that have left their mark on this place. Check out the Roman Amphitheatre, Citadel and melting pot of ancient historical sites on a city tour before heading downtown with the gang for a falafel feed.

Crank the history knob to 11 with a visit to Jerash – home to a bunch of Greco-Roman highlights, including a hippodrome which was used for chariot racing (and has nothing to do with hippos). Then wave goodbye to Jordan as we cross the Allenby Bridge into Israel. Flash your passport and meet your local Israeli guide. We’re bunking down in the heart of Jerusalem tonight. Head out in search for Aricha Sabich – the best place for a delicious Israeli sabich. Or sit back and enjoy the view at our hostel’s outdoor roof terrace.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all consider Jerusalem a holy place, so it's a big deal. Get educated on a guided tour of old town, checking out the likes of Via Dolorosa, Dome of the Rock, Gethsemane, King David’s Tomb, the Western Wall and Golgotha (where Jesus was crucified). Then: the rest is up to you. Need some suggestions? Take in all the I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E views from the Mount of Olives. Visit Jesus’s final resting place at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (expect queues!). Then, check out Mahane Yehunda Market – a variety of local produce stores by day, buzzing bars and shisha stalls by night. You wanted free time to delve deeper – go get it!

The trip may be winding up – but the adventure isn’t over yet! We’re rolling on to the culturally rich city of Bethlehem to see the very spot Jesus was born (according to certain sources). Wander across Manger Square and check out the Church of Nativity with our Trip Leader, before heading over to Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel for the ‘worst view in the world’. Think: a hotel, museum, protest and art gallery all in one. Learn your ABC’s of Israeli wine with a quick stop at a local winery, before we arrive in Tel Aviv. Get your bearings around the chilled-out seaport of Old Jaffa – ticking off the Clock Tower and St Peter’s Church. Then: there’s a reason they call this place ‘Non-Stop City’ – time to gather the gang and find out why.

Down your pomegranate juice and brush away those tears – we’ll say our goodbyes after breakfast. Swap those Insta handles and pencil in next year’s reunion trip. Sticking around? Track down Abu Hassan for hummus that will haunt your dreams (it’s that good).

Touch down in one of the oldest cities in existence and drop off your gear before trading bios with your new travel buddies tonight. For dinner, why not track down some falafel? We’re not just talking any old falafel, though! Trust us, the stuff you get here is like nothing you’ll find at home. Top tip: shimmy over to Hashem Restaurant (it’s a favourite of locals and travellers alike). Please note: You will be met before immigration by an airport representative with a Topdeck sign. Please refer to the ‘Visa’ section below for details on this process. Once you’ve cleared immigration and customs you will transferred to your hotel to check in. Transfers are included for all passengers flying into Amman. If you have booked pre-tour accommodation, please advise us no later than two weeks before arriving in order for us to make arrangements.

Time to kick it old school in Madaba, the site of an ancient holy map that’s so detailed it’s like Google Maps for theologists. Then: soak up views of the Promised Land from the top of Mt Nebo, storm a giant Crusader castle in Karak... and we haven’t even got to the Lost City yet!

‘Historic’ is a word that doesn’t even come close to describing a city that was founded around 312 BC. With 80 m high red sandstone tunnels and a façade made famous by Indiana Jones, Petra stands as testament to man’s ability to create beauty from absolutely nothing. Wander through the Siq and remember to pinch yourself when you catch your first glimpse of the Treasury.

Back in the day, camels were the go-to way to cross the desert. Nowadays, we do it in a 4x4 (though the camel ride is still an option if you fancy it). At Wadi Rum, we'll stay overnight with one of the world's most ancient nomadic tribes in a Bedouin camp. When night comes, get set for an epic show: we’re talking more twinkling stars than you’ve ever seen before. The Milky Way is your canopy tonight!

Founded in around 4,000 BC, Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city – and it sits smack bang in the middle of everything that is the Red Sea. Take the option to wetsuit up and see what all those ‘top dives in the world’ lists are on about. Also on the optional extras menu: snorkelling and a glass bottom boat tour. Who knew the marine life here was so colourful?

Time to enjoy one of the world’s oldest health resorts! At 427 m below sea level (the lowest point on Earth), the Dead Sea is so salty you can float around in it like a cork. After taking some photographic proof, we’ll hit the road to Amman. Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad empires have all had their two cents when it comes to this place, creating a melting pot of ancient historical sites. You’ll see the Roman Amphitheatre, Citadel and more on this afternoon’s city tour.

Today we’ll crank the history knob up to 11 and take you through Jerash – home to a bunch of Greco-Roman highlights, including a hippodrome which was used for chariot racing (and has nothing to do with hippos).

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all consider Jerusalem a holy place, so it's kind of a big deal. Today we’ll check out sights like the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, King David’s Tomb, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha (where Jesus was crucified), just to name a few.

Step into a real-life nativity scene in Bethlehem before swapping religious sites for Tel Aviv. Wanna top up your tan? You’ve got 16 beaches to choose from! If you’re keen for a wander, head to the chilled-out seaport of Old Jaffa. Tonight we’ll find out why Lonely Planet ranked this place one of the top ten party cities in the world. But before you hit the bars, why not head out for a final dinner with your travel mates? Saluf & Sons does some tasty, traditional Yemeni food that’s well worth a try!

The trip might be over after breakfast, but don’t leave until you track down Abu Hassan for hummus that will haunt your dreams (it’s that good). Don’t miss the boho neighbourhood of Florentin either – there are plenty of cafés here where you can sample local coffees and treats. Just the ticket after the night before!

-Dinner with a local family in Petra: from 20 USD

-’Petra by Night’ tour: from 25 USD

-Camel ride: from 20 USD

-Diving in Aqaba from: prices available locally

-Glass bottom boat ride and snorkelling in Aqaba: from 50 USD

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