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Play & Pause: Great European (Winter)

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(Most similar to this previous trip: Winter Expedition) TRIP VIBE = the perfect mix of group activities and all-important YOU time. Great expectations? You should have. This immense wintery adventure around Europe’s most enchanting cites and spellbinding landscapes is the REAL fairytale. Discover the legendary capitals of Paris, Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam. Mix in the myths of Eastern Europe. And sprinkle the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss AND Austrian Alps on top. This trip is pure magic. Trust us.

Bucket List Inclusions

Paris highlights drive

Visit Liechtenstein

Orientation walk of Milan with Trip Leader

Visit Pisa and see the famous Leaning Tower

Walking tour of Florence with local guide

Orientation walk of Orvieto with Trip Leader

Walking tour of Rome with Trip Leader

Walking tour of Venice with Trip Leader

Walking tour of Munich with Trip Leader

Visit Lake Bled

Budapest highlights drive

Danube dinner cruise

Walking tour of Kraków with Trip Leader

Walking tour of Ceský Krumlov with Trip Leader

Walking tour of Prague with Trip Leader

Orientation walk of Dresden with Trip Leader

Berlin highlights drive

More Inclusions

28 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 8 dinners

- 28 nights in hotel-style accommodation (twin or double)


Air-conditioned coach

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 18:00 in London

Finish time:
Approximately 21:00 in London

Great Britain. The ONLY place to kick off your Great Euro Winter escape. First: meet the small bunch of trip mates who’ll be sharing the ride. Then: get pumped for the adventure at our first included group dinner. Ready for just under a month’s worth of magical cities, frosty canals, glittering mountains and Frozen-style castles? You’re in exactly the right place.

Warm up with a cup of Earl Grey and wave cheerio to Blighty – we’re hitting the road early to jump across the Channel. The home of Coco Chanel, the Mona Lisa and the world’s yummiest pastries – Paris deserves its rep as the European capital for culture and drool-worthy food. We’ll tick off all the showstoppers with a driving tour around the City of Luuurve. And for dinner? If you’re feeling brave, your expert Trip Leader knows where you can try escargot without *shelling out* (sorry not sorry). Bon appétit!

Yep, you’re finally here – so, this is your day to simply do you. Create a solid dent in your bucket list with a visit to the Louvre (book your tickets in advance!) and the Musée d'Orsay. Hunt down the cosiest patisseries in town (your Trip Leader knows where it’s at). Get lost amongst the shelves of history at Shakespeare and Co. Bookshop. Flash some plastic along the Champs Elysées. Or inject some feel-good vibes at the I Love You Wall. Feeling frosty? We got you – keep those calves warm on an optional bike tour. Or get an alternate view of the City of Light with a river cruise down the Seine. Tonight, go all-out with an optional evening at the cabaret. Think: bright lights, OTT costumes and death-defying acrobatics. You’re in the home of the can-can after all.

Disclaimer: today is a bit of a drive day. But you already knew that, right? Strap in. Get to know your trip mates better. Or simply soak up the jaw-dropping, snow-capped scenery as it whizzes past the window. They don’t have views like this back home. Cue the fairytale villages and romantic castles of your imagination. Later, we’ll get stuck into a group dinner before heading to the hotel bar. Or sit back in the crisp (note: freezing) alpine air with a steaming cup of glühwein. Yep, this is what you came for.

There’s one word to describe Switzerland in winter: MAGIC. So, here’s a free day to discover exactly what that means. Our suggestion for a clear day? Take the revolving gondola to the top of Mt Titlis for all the unbeliEVABLE panoramas (without the effort). Or strap on your boots and explore the forest trails – ‘holy sh*t’ moments guaranteed. Rather uncover the gastronomic wonders of this place? Head into town and sip on the world’s best hot chocolate by a crackling fire. Whatever you choose, you’re going to have views for days. Dinner tonight is on you – haven’t tried cheese fondue yet? Now’s your chance (unless you’re lactose intolerant, obvs).

Pelt your Trip Leader with one last snowball and snap another pic of the dreamy frosted-peaks (it'll never do this place justice) – we’re outta here after breakfast. After making a pit stop in the teeny-tiny country of Liechtenstein, we’ll roll into the style capital of the world: Milan. Home to all the big-name labels and the fifth largest Christian church in the world – take a stroll with your Trip Leader, before having the rest of the afternoon off to do your own spontaneous thing. Window shop your way around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Soak up the views (and I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E architecture) from inside the Duomo. Walk the runway at the Triennale Design Museum. Or find a painfully stylish bar to indulge in an aperitivo. Here at Christmastime? Try panettone. It originated here, so you know it’s gotta be better than the packaged one your crazy aunt brings every year.

We’re rolling on to the capital of Tuscan cuisine today. You packed your fat pants, right? But first: the wonky tower of Pisa. If you’re gonna take THAT photo, think of something unique. Please. Before our included dinner tonight, rug up and take a stroll along the Arno River for those this-is-what-I-came-for vibes. Then: did someone say karaoke? If you’re up for it, join the gang in a battle of the ballads at a local bar. Or hunt down a gelateria for a scoop (or two) of the good stuff. Who said you can’t have gelato in winter? No one.

Florence has more stories than you can poke a stick at, more culture than a Melbourne hipster, AND it gave the world David (putting dad bods to shame since 1504). We’ll get the lay of the land on an in-depth walking tour with a local guide. Then: take your new-found knowledge and hit the streets solo. Uffizi Gallery. Ponte Vecchio. Piazza della Signoria. The Duomo. You can’t see it all, but you sure as hell can try! Tonight, don your beanie and head to Piazzale Michelangelo – even in winter, the sunset is redic. Then, indulge in a centuries-old tradition at Babae restaurant: the only place in Florence with a functioning ‘wine window’. We’re sold.

Onwards! First: a pit stop at the hilltop town of Orvieto to see the grand cathedral and dig into a wild boar panini (unless you’re vegetarian, soz). Then: bella Roma awaits. Strap in for one EPIC walking tour. We’re talking a solid few hours of non-stop sights, off-the-tourist-trail hidden gems and a run-down of almost 3000 years of history. Pass by the Pantheon, (don’t) sit on the Spanish Steps, check out the mighty Colosseum and throw your two cents in the Trevi Fountain. Then, you're in Disneyland for foodies – so you know dinner tonight is gonna be good. Need pointing in the right direction? Your Trip Leader’s on it.

You’ve watched (or been made to watch) Eat. Pray. Love. Now, it’s time to make like Julia and put this city to the test. You have 24 hours of freedom to explore. Count your blessings on an optional tour of Vatican City, then play ‘I-spy’ with two-and-a-half millennia worth of history. Head up Capitoline Hill for awesome views. Grab a bite at Lost Food Factory (arguably one of the best sandwich spots in town). Or do as the locals do and indulge in a little dolce far niente (delicious idleness) with a piping hot macchiato at a local cafe. Tonight, shake out those fat pants for round two. Cue: allllll the cream-filled, sauce-topped carbs!

The drive to Venice is your chance to share snaps with your new mates, catch up on some zzzzs and text the 'rents (trust us, you'll be too busy later). We'll park up in the birthplace of Vivaldi later this afternoon. Throw on your beanie and acquaint yourself with the who's who of Venice's usual suspects on a walking tour – ticking off the likes of St Mark's Square, Doge’s Palace and Accademia Bridge. Then, stop and take in the romantic winter vibes with a Venetian hot chocolate overlooking the canal. Yep, you’re actually here.

Centuries-old architecture. Inventive cuisine. And a bucket-load of culture. Venice is just begging to be explored. Good news: you’ve got the whole day to do just that. Need suggestions? Go classic with an optional gondola ride down the Grand Canal. Sift through the titles in the floodproof(ish) Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop. Head off the tourist trail with a trip to Giudecca Island. Get lost in the maze of canals and piazzas. Then seek out Café Florian for a piping mug of rich hot chocolate and zaletti biscuits. That’s what makes the memories. Later, score a cheap meal at Osteria Al Portego or fill up on alllll the drool-worthy Italian pastries (no judgement here).

Order one last coffee in poor Italian (hey, you tried!) and prepare yourself for some I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E scenery as we make our way to the Austrian Alps. So much more than schnitzel, strudel and The Sound of Music, this thrill-seekers’ paradise should have been sponsored by GoPro. After an included dinner tonight, kick back, relax and enjoy whitewashed serenity. You time never looked better.

Rise and shine – the Austrian Alps await! This place is a snow-fanatic's ultimate fantasy and you’ll have a full day to shred to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, ask your Trip Leader for the best slopes for you – then hit the powder! Rather soak up the snow-capped scenes from above? Tandem paragliding has your name on it. Or just sit back and enjoy a day sipping hot chocolate surrounded by gob-smacking alpine scenery. It’s 100% up to you.

Icing sugar-dusted mountain ranges. Ski runs glistening in the morning sun. This place? Magical. Hit the slopes early and make the most of your last day here. Or strap on the snow-shoes and arrange a hike through the valley. Tonight, get the gang together for a wiener schnitzel and cup (or two) of piping hot glühwein. It doesn’t get more winter-y than this.

Next up? A country where beer is officially considered an essential food group (right next to sausage and sauerkraut). Say hello to Germany! We’ll kick things off with a walking tour of Munich then it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – an appropriate occasion to wear lederhosen. Head to the 428-year-old Hofbräuhaus for a royal Happy Hour experience or a cosy beer hall for a giant-sized pork knuckle with your trip mates. Prost!

After another included brekkie, we’re plugging Ljubljana into the GPS. Try pronouncing it, we dare you. But first: a visit to the mesmerising Lake Bled. It’s even better without the filter, trust us. Take a stroll around the glistening blue lake. Or hire a boat across to the island and ring the wishing bell. You wished for more wishes, didn’t you? After we roll into Slovenia’s hip capital, you’ll have the whole afternoon to explore on your own. The castle has been waiting for you since Celtic times – so don’t keep it hanging any longer. Tonight, gather the fam and hit the town for a vino with a side of live music. Or chill back at the hotel and recharge those batteries – there’s still 12 days of adventuring left!

Our Ljubljana love affair was short but oh-so-sweet. Up next? The twin cities of Buda and Pest. See why they call this place the City of Bridges, as we’re chauffeured past the Chain Bridge, Castle District, Gellert Hotel, Heroes’ Square and House of Terror on a driving tour. SD cards full and tummies grumbling, we’re gonna take it up a level with a dinner cruise down the Danube. Grab your coat and sit on the upper deck – Buda Castle and House of Parliament look even better lit up like Christmas. Trust us.

You wanted freedom to explore – here it is. Check out the Central Market Hall. Explore the Jewish Quarter. Play pinball at the Flippermúzeum. Get a harrowing education at the House of Terrors. Hunt down the Anonymous Statue. Soak in the warm therapeutic waters of the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Or head to Buda Castle and check out all the views from Fisherman’s Bastion. Tonight, get stuck into some local fare: goulash, chicken paprikash, langos, dobos cake. Hopefully you like paprika, they’re kinda obsessed with it here. Or hang with the hipsters at one of the original ruin bars. Our suggestion? Try pálinka (traditional fruit brandy) – it’s like a warm hug for your insides.

Legend has it a dragon had to be defeated in order for this place to be built. Game of Thrones, eat your heart out. Welcome to Kraków! Get acquainted with Poland's beating heart and the largest medieval town square in Europe on today’s walking tour. Then? Take Fleetwood's advice and go your own way. Top up your history knowledge at Wawel Castle, explore the quirky cafes and boutiques in the Jewish Quarter, head to Schindler's Museum (be prepared to queue) or find a local haunt and tuck into a heart-and-soul-warming bowl of rosól.

Today = you do you. Need some suggestions? Head to Hamsa in the heart of the Jewish Quarter for some 'Hummus and Happiness'. Shop for amber in the UNESCO-listed Cloth Hall. Or do as the locals do and head to Okraglak for some drool-worthy street food – Zapiekanki is a must! Then: it's vodka time. On an optional tasting tour, wander the cobblestoned streets with a local guide – learning the history behind Polish vodka and sampling a few flavoured varieties as you go. This stuff is not for mixing with cranberry juice. Trust us. Feeling buzzed? Przypiecek is a pierogi place with your name on it.

Up next? Ceský Krumlov. The entire place is UNESCO World Heritage–listed so prepare to be seriously WOW-ed. Take a wander around this historic city with your in-the-know Trip Leader – before getting out and exploring solo. A grand medieval castle. Twisting cobblestone streets. Disney-style Gothic churches. And a scenic meandering river. This place is what they meant by ‘fairytale’. Fact: they’ve been brewing beer here since the 1300s. So, get the lowdown on the OG of Czech beer at Eggenberg Brewery before our included dinner tonight.

Onwards to the spire-filled skyline and mysterious streets of Prague! Get acquainted with this picture-perfect city as our Trip Leader takes us on a wander through Wenceslas Square, past the largest ancient castle in the world and across medieval Charles Bridge. Try to catch the quirky show the 600-year-old Astronomical Clock puts on every hour. And – if you’re here in December – warm up with some mulled wine or steaming palacinky pancakes under the ginormous Christmas tree in Old Town Square for alllll the festive cheer.

That’s right folks – it’s your day, your way. So, make like Dora and get exploring. Check out the John Lennon wall. Soak up some history at the Communist Museum. Take the funicular up Petrin Hill for all the views. Stroll the fairytale halls of the Klementinum. Or grab a delish roast pork roll at one of the street vendors lining Old Town Square. Fancy yourself as a bit of a hops connoisseur? Don’t miss the beer tasting optional this afternoon. Or satisfy your sweet tooth (so, every tooth) with a sugar-filled serving of trdelník. Think: fire-roasted pastry coated in cinnamon sugar – add Nutella and you’ve got the stuff of dessert dreams *wipes drool from chin*.

From one beer capital to the next. Get acquainted with 800 year-old Dresden – a city virtually destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt – before we make tracks to Berlin. Prep yourself for currywurst and more hipsters per capita than anywhere else. We'll drive you around to see the main sights including (what's left of) the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, the Holocaust Museum and Alexanderplatz. Then: tonight dinner is on us. Prost!

You’ve got 24 hrs here. Make the most of it. Our advice? Opt in for a historic walking tour that’s, you know, not boring. Get a local insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule and tick off the likes of the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg Gate. Plus, get the in-the-know tips on where to spend your free time later. Or put those taste buds to the ultimate test on an awesome AF food tour. We’re talking kebabs, pastries, more currywurst, pierogi and local beers (you’re in Germany after all). This evening, show off your best Bambi impression on one of the city’s ice rinks. Or grab some R&R back at your digs. Choice is yours.

Our trip may be coming to a close, but it’s not over yet! We’ve got our eye on Amsterdam today. Dump your stuff and hit the cobblestones – Dam Square, the Royal Palace and the National Monument are waiting. For dinner tonight, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice – think Dutch steakhouses, trendy vegan haunts and pancake places galore. Our recommendation? Hunt down some hot chips and mayo, park up on a bench and watch life float by on the canals. It’s a mood.

And just like that, this is our last full day together. FFS don’t hang about! Join the locals and check out Amsterdam's iconic canals, bridges and parks on an optional bike tour. Or for the culture fiends – delve a bit deeper with a visit to the Anne Frank House (don’t forget to book in advance!). Then: there’s 51 museums here but the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum should be top of your list. Or get lost amongst backstreets of this city’s diverse districts – each one’s got a distinct vibe. Whatever you get up to, make sure you’re back in time for tonight’s included dinner – we’ll be going out with a bang!

Stock up on stroopwafels. Down that cup of Joe. And pile onto the coach – we’re heading back to London Town after breakfast. Crank the trip song one last time and swap those digits. Who’s up for a summer reunion trip?

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Seine River cruise: from €10

- Bike tour of Paris: from €30

- Parisian cabaret show: from €80

- Scenic excursion to Mt Titlis: from 64 CHF

- Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

- Get a personalised trip T-shirt or hoodie: from €21

- Gondola ride in Venice: from €20

- Tobogganing in the Austrian Alps: prices available locally

- Skiiing in the Austrian Alps: from €150

- Tandem paragliding in the Austrian Alps: from €144 (plus €24 deposit)

- Local beer tasting in Prague: from 800 CZK

- Vodka tasting: from 149 PLN

- Third Reich walking tour: from €12

- Berlin food tour: from €35

- Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

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