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Scenic Scandi

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Is this trip for me? STUNNING. FRESH. OTHERWORDLY.

Like you'd expect of the Nordics, this trip is a bit different. From I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E scenery that will have you fighting over the window seat, to quirky cities filled with delish food, fascinating culture and the most attractive people you've ever seen - this trip ticks the "SCENIC" box alright! Venture further than the standard Central European destinations as you and your Topdeck crew travel from Oslo to the edge of the world and back again in 15 jampacked days. Start practising your pronunciation now.

Bucket List Inclusions

Locally guided walking tour of Oslo

Drive the famous Trolls' Path

Cruise the majestic Geirangerfjord

Drive the famous Atlantic Road

Visit the town of Hell

Visit the Arctic Circle

Hike to Svartisen Glacier

Scenic cruise on Svartisen Glacier Lake

Visit the Lofoten Islands

Experience sunset or sunrise at Nordkapp (the northernmost point of Europe)

Guided tour of Sámi Parliament

Photo stop at Lake Inari

Visit Santa Claus's Village

Locally guided walking tour of Helsinki

More Inclusions

14 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 4 dinners

-14 nights in hotels (twin or double)

Group Size


Start/Finish Times

Start time:
Meet 18:00 in Oslo

Finish time:
Approximately 10:00 in Helsinki

Ready for quirky Nordic cities, delish local food, a fascinating culture dating back to the Viking ages and the most I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on? You’re in the right place. Touch down in Oslo. Dump your stuff at the hotel. And meet your fellow Topdeckers. We may be a mixed bunch, but we’re all in it together – like it was meant to be. Tonight, we’re gonna kick things off with an included dinner with the gang. Cheers to one amazing adventure ahead!

Before we make tracks, get the run around town with a local guide – ticking off the likes of The Royal Palace, City Hall, Akershus Fortress, Frgoner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park. After, you can check out the three original Viking Age ships housed inside the Viking Ship Museum or hunt down some pølse i lompe (that’s a Norwegian hot dog to you and me). Then: fight over the window seat as we roll through Hallingdal Valley – stopping at the Gol Stave Church on the way. A full-sized replica of the original Christian church built in 1250, you can choose to have a peak inside before we hit the scenic-route to Geilo (yei-lo). Hunt down a local haunt for dinner and sit back to enjoy the serenity. Yep, you’re finally here.

You wanted ‘scenic’ – so here it is. Prepare to have your mind blown with an optional ride aboard one of the steepest railways in the world. Cue: pristine natural landscapes, looming snow-capped peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, mountainside tunnels and alllll the jaw-dropping views you could dream of. Then? Get buoyant with a sightseeing cruise on the mighty Sognefjord. Epic doesn’t cover it. Later, we’ll head to Førde – nestled within the stunning Sunnfjord region. Take the rest of the afternoon off to hit the hiking trails, chase waterfalls (TLC were wrong) or soak up the incred glacial surrounds with a cold beverage. What you do, is 100% up to you.

Snap one last mental pic of Førde – we’ve got a date with the impeccably gorgeous Geirangerfjord to get to. Famous for its towering mountain ranges and un-BELIEVABLE waterfalls – we’ll get up close and personal with Norway’s most popular natural attraction on a scenic fjord cruise. Say hi to the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Cruise past Bridal Veil. And check out the deserted fjord farms clinging to the mountainside. Then? Prepare yourself for more ‘holy sh*t’ worthy scenes as we drive the famous Trolls’ Path Crossing. Hope you like heights. After all 11 hairpin bends are checked off, we’ll make our way to the charming lakeside town of Molde. Tonight, dinner is on you but your expert Trip Leader knows where to go, just ask.

Today we'll chase the sun to Trondheim - via the incredible Atlantic Road. A 36km long stretch running along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this baby was ranked one of the best routes in the world by The Guardian - so it's gonna be a sweet ride. Then: we'll roll into the former Viking capital of Norway. Dump your stuff at the hotel and get exploring. Need some suggestions? Pay a visit to the world's northernmost medieval Cathedral and soak up all the old-school Viking vibes. Explore the charming Bakklandet district. Or strap on the Nikes and explore the city's surrounding landscape. Later, get the gang together and head to a local cocktail bar to sample some of the city's nightlife.

Repent your sins – the next stop is Hell. Yes, really (only this one is usually frozen over). Fun fact: temperatures can dip down as low as -25°C. Now, that’s cold. After snapping up some photographic proof and tucking into an included lunch, we'll make tracks to Mo i Rana. Glue your face to the windows as we wind our way through rolling hills of green forests, still-water lakes and surreal barren lands that mark the start of the Arctic Circle. Yep, you made it. Tonight, it’s time to do your own spontaneous off-the-beaten-track thing – this place has a sense of remoteness that’ll have you feeling like you’re on another planet. Check out the Havmannen Statue. Take a wander along the waterfront. Then get friendly with the locals at a cosy restaurant. This is your chance to embrace it all.

On today’s agenda: a chance to check out Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier. Covering a full 370 square kilometres and at just 20m above sea level, it’s the lowest glacier in mainland Europe. Meaning? We’ll be able to get up close and personal with a short hike to the base (bring comfy shoes) – before returning with a cruise on the glacier lake. We’ll refuel with an included lunch and point our attention to Bodø – aka the capital of Nordland. Dinner tonight is on you, but Northern Norway is known for its fresh AF produce – so anywhere is gonna be good.

Today we’re headed for the Lofoten Islands – where some of Norway’s most staggeringly beautiful and untamed natural landscapes await. Think: sandy bays sheltered by majestic mountains, deep blue fjords, picturesque historic villages and the sound of seabirds in the air. Magic. You’ve got plenty of free to soak up all the Viking vibes at the Lofotr Viking Museum or simply do your own spontaneous this-is-what-I-came-for thing. Later, we’ll make tracks for Harstad – where the ‘cultural hub of the North’ is yours for the taking. Go get it.

Onwards and upwards! Today we're heading north for the last time as we prepare to witness the height of the Midnight Sun. Fact: the sun doesn’t set between May and June here. Cool, right? We’ll roll into ‘The Arctic Gateway’ of Tromsø later this afternoon, then the rest is up to you. Need some suggestions? We’ve got the best-of-the-best lined up. Jump aboard a boating adventure for undisturbed views of the Midnight Sun and a chance to see some Arctic seals and porpoises (not to mention a Golden Eagle or two). Or get those calves burning with an off-the-beaten-track hike to soak up the beautiful clear lakes, endless fjords and stunning golden hues of the endless Arctic days. There’s even a kayaking excursion to Kvaløya (aka Whale Island) to get around, if that’s more your vibe. Rather do your own thing? Ride the cable car up Mt Storsteinen for allll the panoramic views (or hike the 1200-odd stone steps to the summit). Say hi to the Arctic wildlife at Polaria. Or sample some local Arctic specialties at a restaurant in town – reindeer sirloin or seagull eggs anyone?

No lies: today is a bit of a drive day. BUT it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some zzz’s, text the ‘rents and compare pano-pics with your trip mates. We’ll journey through the unique region of Finnmark – where East meets West in both geography and nature. Then, get ready to tick off another bucket-lister – we’re headed to the ‘end of the world’: North Cape Plateau. This place makes a pretty awesome spot to catch the sunset or sunrise. Trust us. Tonight, we’ll get the gang together for dinner in the northernmost town in mainland Norway.

Say goodbye to Honningvåg, we’re heading south back across the Arctic Circle to Karasjok – where a tour of the Sámi Parliament awaits. Our in-the-know guide will show us around the eye-catching building and give us the low-down on how this parliament is solely elected by the Sámi people of Norway. Then? It’s across the border into Finland – stopping off at the magnificent Lake Inari on the way. After finding a local haunt for dinner, we’ll bunk down in the centre of Lapland – you’ll be dreaming of husky-led sleighs and jingle bells tonight.

Pump the Christmas carol classics (no Bublé, pls) – today we’re heading to Rovaniemi, where Santa Claus Village awaits. Don’t just stand there, get exploring! This is the stuff of your childhood fantasies. Visit Santa’s main office, post a letter to the big man himself and keep your eye out for Rudolph. Then? Delve a little deeper on a Fatbike tour of the city’s surrounding forests (complete with BBQ sausages: Finnish-style). Or get head into the wilderness for an Midnight Sun floating experience. Float out into the middle of an Arctic lake, tip your head back and gaze up at the sky as the uninterrupted sounds of nature fill the air. Bliss. Tonight, get the gang together and venture into town. Time to give some traditional Finnish cuisine a try.

What you get up to this morning, is 100% up to you. If you didn’t get enough of the Lapland vibes yesterday, head out on a safari experience to visit the reindeer and husky farms – before meeting the man himself at Santa Claus Village. Or just do your own thing around town. It’s up to you. Then, we’ll make tracks to the university town of Jyväskylä. This Finnish city boasts a party scene to rival some of the best, so this is your chance to let your hair down and rub shoulders with the locals.

Quick maths: it’s the full last day of our Scandi adventure. So, don’t waste a second. We’ll make the short journey to the quirky Finnish capital, Helsinki and kick things off with a locally guided tour around the city. Think: Senate Square, picturesque market squares, the Tuomiokirkko and an optional visit to Rock Church. Then, you’re free to explore on your own terms. Need some suggestions for how to spend your free time? Strap in for a bike tour around the city – filled with off-the-beaten-track gems. Or get floatie with a kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) excursion around Helsinki’s extensive archipelago. Rather something more relaxed? No worries. There’s a public sauna experience on the cards too. Whatever you choose, just be back in time for tonight’s final dinner with the gang – we’re going to give this bloody ripper of a trip the send-off it deserves!

And just like that, it’s over. Get down to breakfast and swap those socials – you’re gonna need them for next year’s reunion trip. Where to next?

-Visit The Viking Ship Museum: from €13

-Visit the Gol Stave Church: from €5

-Flåm Railway & Sognefjord Cruise: from €80

-Visit the Nidaros Cathedral: from €13

-Visit the Lofotr Viking Museum: from €16

-Midnight Sun boating experience (weather dependent): from €105

-Hiking under the Midnight Sun (weather dependent): from €139

-Kayaking under the Midnight Sun (weather dependent): from €185

-Fatbike off-road experience: from €121

-Midnight Sun floating experience: from €86

-Summer Delight: reindeer, husky and Santa Claus Village experience: from €137

-Visit the Rock Church: from €4

-Helsinki bike tour: from €20

Helsinki kayaking experience: from €25

-Helsinki Stand Up Paddleboard experience: from €25

-Public sauna experience: from €19

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