Home for the Elderly

26 de março de 2014

Home for the Elderly was founded in 1953 by a group of volunteers with a vision: to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Since then it has grown into an organisation that is a leader in the field of care and nursing for the aged. The organisation manages a large number of homes for the elderly, including numerous new upmarket developments. For those in need, full care is provided, while there are also independent living options. This organisation aims to provide all its residents with the highest standard of care and nursing within a homely environment, and to promote quality of life, the maintenance of independence, and the preservation of dignity by becoming members of a senior centre, residents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of community life. Home for the Elderly offers competitive health care, and in all health care facilities there is provision for those who need special additional care. Trained health care professionals provide quality care while independence is encouraged. This organisation offers the elderly a variety of options and services for their retirement.